OrderPaperToday – Ekpenyong Nse is a ranking member of the House of Representatives.

Before being elected, he was the Chief Executive Officer of some private firms. His foray into politics has seen as member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly where he served as a principal officer.

Mr. Nse was first elected into the House of Representatives to represent Mbo/Okobo/Oron/Udung Uko/Urue federal constituency under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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His legislative interests, among other things, is to promote the maritime sector in the Niger Delta. However, this has not reflected in any attempt to apply legislation to make an impact in terms of a bill to his name.

Mr. Ekpenyong Nse

Irrespective of his experiences, private sector background and political activities, record shows that he is among the four members of the Akwa Ibom  team in the House of Representatives who did not sponsor any bill in the first two years of the 9th assembly.

Recall that the leading member from Akwa Ibom in terms of bills sponsorship is a newbie and former member of the state assembly.

Nevertheless, a good record of performance in the aspect of representation and oversight functions that is also required of him as a legislator, may cover up for him as a worthy representative by his constituents.



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