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2023: Can SDP give APC a run for their structure in Nasarawa West?

Call it ‘Battle Royale’ for the soul of Nasarawa West Senatorial District or any other title you wish. What is certain, however, is the fact that the race to elect a new Senator in 2023 will definitely be one of the keenly-contest elections in the state. 76year-old APC National Chairman, Senator Adamu would be out to prove his towering influence in Nasarawa politics by, at least, influencing the election of his replacement at the Red...

Parliament Meme: Division in the House and Committee of the Whole

In our previous exposition on ‘Quorum in the House of Representatives,’ we noted that where a quorum appears not constituted in the Chamber, the Speaker’s attention is drawn and he/she shall cause members to be summoned as if for a division. According to the House Rules, this is also applicable if, from the number of members participating in a division (including those members who declined to vote), a quorum appears not constituted. This week’s episode of...

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