OrderPaperToday – The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), Dr. Orji Ogbonnaya Orji, has encouraged the media to aspire to understand the issues bedeviling Nigeria’s extractive industries in order to make insightful and investigative reports that will drive reforms in the sector.

The NEITI boss made this call at a special training organized for editors and correspondents on natural resource governance during the week.

The event, which took place in Nasarawa State, was aimed at building the capacity of the media to comprehend emerging issues and their wider implications and application within the context of the ongoing reforms in the extractive sector so as to enable Nigeria and NEITI specifically to deepen transparency and accountability as part of the global requirements in business transaction models in the extractive industries.

Dr. Orji also advised the media to uphold the professional reputation of being jack of all trades and master of all. “A less informed journalist is an accident waiting to happen and this should not be allowed to happen in our profession. You must constantly improve and build your capacity in order to engage in your primary task of information and knowledge sharing,” he said.

He re-assured the media of NEITI’s commitment to fully implement the requirements as stipulated by the global EITI and appealed that practitioners join the campaign through advocacy, public enlightenment and feedback on EITI implementation across the value chain of Nigeria’s extractive sector.

He noted that “these workshops were held in line with my pledge during my inaugural speech that NEITI under my leadership, will work to strengthen engagements with all its stakeholders, including the civil society and the media, through regular consultations, timely dialogues as well as capacity building programs”.

The newly appointed NEITI Executive Secretary further requested journalists to come up with a framework for the hosting of an annual NEITI Media Roundtable. He noted that such framework will enable constant dialogue, consultations and deepen stakeholders’ engagement on EITI implementation in Nigeria.

Recall that NEITI in conjunction with OrderPaper had designed RemTrack, a civic technology tool for tracking the complex web of remediation in the extractives sector and deepening accountability and transparency in Nigeria extractive industry.

You can download the RemTrack App at Google App store for android and Apple store for iOS.


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