OrderPaperToday – Despite being the largest geopolitical zone in Nigeria, the north-west with seven states as against other regions with six and five (south-east) and a total of 92 members, accounts for 15.4% of total bills sponsored in the House of Representatives at midterm.

Notably, the zone has no female representation in the 9th House in spite of the repeated calls for gender affirmative action. This may be largely due to cultural, religious barriers and poor participation of women in politics.

The House of Representative members from the north-west, being the highest in all six zones of the country, have collectively sponsored 206 bills constituting 15.4% of the total bills sponsored at the House of Representatives. This performance is similar to what senators from the zone also posted at midterm

Kaduna state with the giant effort of Tajudeen Abbas (APC, Zaria) pulled 112 bills constituting 54.4% of bills (the highest) sponsored by members from the north-west zone.

Conversely, the 24 members from Kano, the state with the highest number of House of Reps members from the entire northern states, sponsored 32 bills constituting 15.4%. Notably, fifteen of these members are with no bill in two years.

The Sokoto team got 3 bills making 1.4%, the lowest from the region while members from Kebbi State pulled 13 bills to their credit constituting 6.3% of the bills from the region.

The members from Zamfara, Jigawa and Katsina pulled 9, 17 and 20 bills constituting 4.3%, 8.7% and 9.2% respectively.


In summary therefore, despite being the largest geopolitical zone, north-west ranks 4th position in terms of regional performance in terms of bill sponsorship.

The two principal officers of the 9th House from the region: Mr. Alhassan Ado Doguwa (Majority Leader from Kano Doguwa/Tudun Wada federal constituency) and Mr. Gideon Gwani Lucas (Minority Whip from Kaduna Kaura constituency) have to their credits 3 and 13 bills respectively.

They both performed less when compared to Mohammed Tahir Monguno, (APC, Monguno/Nganza/Marte) who, as Chief Whip, got 43 bills in the first half of the 9th House of Representatives.

It is also notable that none of the Rep. members from the zone made the top ten list of newbies. 

Reps bills from north west
How the Reps from North-west stand on Bills


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