OrderpaperToday – The Enugu State Senate contingent in the first half of the 9th Assembly has collectively sponsored a total of eleven motions and petitions put together, though with no contribution from Sen. Chimaroke Ogbonnia Nnamani (PDP, Enugu East).

Nnamani is one of the ex-governors of the Senate who served Enugu state between May 2003 – May 2011.

Record also reveals Nnamani also performed below expectations in the bills sponsorship tally at midterm.

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However, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu (PDP, Enugu West), former Deputy Senate President and one of the longest serving senators in Nigeria sponsored only one motion and one petition in the period under review.

His singular motion was on the escalating rate of unemployment in the country. He urged the Federal, State and Local Governments “to declare emergency on the provision of employment to the youths of Nigeria” and that the Federal Government through the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning should “put up a mechanism and program that will provide employment for our teaming unemployed graduates in all tiers of Government.”

Similarly, he urged the Federal, State and Local Governments “to revitalize existing industries, build new ones and provide a conducive and enabling environment for the private sector to build more industries; and  that the Federal Government to initiate a sustainable employment fund for the payment of living stipends to unemployed Nigeria until such person secures any kind of employment.”

Ekweremadu’s petition was sponsored against the Republic of Togo for alleged killing of a Nigerian in Togo.

Motions and Petitions Scorecard of Enugu Senators

Sen. Chukwuka Utazi (Enugu North), just like on the bills tally, leads the state’s motions and petitions scorecards. He sponsored 6 motions and 3 petitions.

Utazi sponsored a motion during the 2019 International Universal Health Coverage Day on Thursday 12th December, 2019, in which he urged the Federal Government “ to consider removing health and education from the yearly budgetary ceilings of the Budget and Planning Ministry, if we are to cover appreciable mileage in the race to accomplishing Universal Health Coverage by 2030.”

Similarly, he urged the private sector not to leave the funding of the Nigerian health sector to the Government alone, if the attainment of the Universal Health Coverage by 2030 would not be a pipe dream and doomed to failure.”

In another motion, Utazi addressed the coronavirus outbreak and prevention response towards stemming its spread in Nigeria.

He urged the Senate “to Commend the Federal Ministry of Health through the National Center for Disease Control, for their gallant effort at stemming the Coronavirus infection in Nigeria and urge them never to lower their guards until this fight is won Internationally and here in Nigeria.”

He further urged  the Federal Government “to allocate more funds for the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), to acquire the latest and more recent equipment that there is for research and diagnosis of tropical diseases that threaten human existence as prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.”

One of his petitions was against the federal ministry of mines and steel development and Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) over the emoluments and sales of houses of some staff.

In a global scale, senators from Enugu State contributed 4.9% and 1.0% of the total motions and petitions sponsored at midterm.



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