OrderPaperToday – The newbies in the House of Representatives contribute the most number of bills sponsored by the Plateau state contingent.

5 out of the 8 reps from the state are in their first term. Dachung Musa Bagos representing Jos South/Jos East federal constituency and a newbie has made the most contribution in terms of bills with a total of 30 bills.

Plateau Reps bills
Plateau State Reps Bills score

Hon. Simon Davou Mwadkwon, representative of Barkin Ladi/Riyom follows Bagos with 22 bills. Among his bills are: Local Industry Patronage Bill, 2019, Crime and Criminal Tracking System Bill, 2019, Crime and Criminal Tracking System Bill, 2019, Marriage Act (Amendment) Bill 2019, Casino Taxation Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Socially Displaced Persons Bill, 2019.

Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, like the other first timers, has sponsored 17 bills while Longgap Komsol Alphonsus (Mikang/Qua-Anpan/Shedam), also a first timer comes fourth place in the comity of newbies with 3 bills.

Maitala Haruna, representing Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency, had no bill before he passed in April this year.

Beni Butmak Lar is the only female representative from Plateau, representing the people of Langtang North/Langtang since 2007 and is on her fourth term. She has sponsored 8 bills in the 9th Assembly.

Solomon Maren Bulus, representative of Bokkos/Mangu Federal Constituency, has 10 bills to his credit while the Deputy Speaker of the House and representative of Wase Federal Constituency, Ahmed Wase, has sponsored 14 bills since 2019.

The midterm bills tally of Plateau members is a marginal increase from the first year scorecard.

Plateau bill scorecard
Hoe the Plateau team stand on bills

In the upper chamber, Sen. Gyang Istifanus Dung (Plateau North) leads the senators with 18 bills, including the Terrorism (Prevention and Prohibition) Bill 2019 which has passed first reading. Ten other of the bills he sponsored have been read the first time too.

Sen. Dimka Hezekiah Ayuba (Plateau Central) has sponsored a total of 3 bills so far. Sen. Sen. Nora Daduut who replaced late Ignatius Datong Longjan for Plateau South senatorial district is yet to sponsor a bill.


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