OrderPaperToday – The north-central geopolitical zone is made up of six states and 49 representatives in the House of Representatives. These 49 reps from six states contribute to bring the total bills tally of the zone to 203, amounting to 15.4% of the total bills sponsored in the House in two years.

States in the zone are Plateau, Kogi, Niger, Benue, Nassarawa and Kwara. There are two female reps and the deputy speaker of the House also comes from the north-central zone.

In order of performance are; Plateau 104 bills, Benue 27 bills, Kogi 26 bills, Niger 25 bills, Nassarawa 11 bills and Kwara 10 bills.

Plateau’s highest contributing rep is first time member, Dachung Musa Bagos (Jos South/Jos East) who contributes 28.8% to the state’s bills tally and 14.7% to the north-central overall tally. One of the zone’s female reps and Plateau’s only female in the House – Beni Butmak Lar (Langtang North/Langtang) contributes 7.6% to the state’s tally and 3.9% to the zone; while Idris Wase, the deputy speaker of the House, makes a contribution of 13.4% to the state and 6.8% to the zone.

At second place is Benue with 27 bills which accounts for 13.3% of the north-central’s total. The highest contributor from the state has six bills. Benue’s only female rep, who like her female colleague from Plateau, has what can be described as a strong political background. Onuh Onyeche Blessing (Otukpo/Ohimini) makes a 1 bill contribution and her bill is currently awaiting committee report.

The next ranking state, Kogi, is many bills behind Plateau. However, the Kogi reps perform better than their senate colleagues in terms of zonal performance using the bills sponsorship index. The highest performer from the state contributes 2.9% of the zone’s bills, and he is followed by a three-person tie of contributors with 2.4%. Among these contributors is Bello Joseph Asuku (Adavi/Okehi), one of the youngest elected members into the 9th Assembly.

Niger reps’ performance can be described as a shadow of their senate counterparts who are part of the high flyers among senators from the region. Niger state’s contribution to the zone’s tally is 12.3%; and the state’s highest bills contributor has 17 bills which makes 8.3% of the zone’s total. Niger also has one rep who was elected while under 35; Usman Abdullahi (Lavun/Mokwa/Edati) and his bills contribution to the zone is 1.9%.

Nassarawa state closed midterm with 11 bills, which translates to 5.4% of the zone’s bills. The state is made up of five-man reps contingent, one of the fewest in the house. This however does not excuse the performance of the legislators. The state’s top performer Gaza Jonathan Gbefwi (Keffi/Karu/Kokona) has 5 bills: one is currently awaiting committee report, the others have been read only the first time.

Kwara makes a meagre contribution of 4.9% to the total 203 bills by the north central with 10 bills. The highest contributor has 4 bills to his credit while three other reps have two each, bringing the state’s total to 10 a majority of which are establishment bills and all of which have not gone beyond the first reading stage.

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