OrderPaperToday – The Senators and House of Representatives members from Benue State have got a mixed bag of performance in the discharge of lawmaking duties at the National Assembly.

Fourteen of them put together were only able to net 53 bills at midterm. This is about one-third of the total tally delivered by their counterparts from Kaduna State and well above the score from neighbouring Enugu.

Sen. Emmanuel Yisa Orker-Jev (PDP, Benue North-West) has sponsored 11 bills, standing as the highest at 42.31% of the total bills from Senate members from the State. Interestingly, all the bills were sponsored in the second legislative year of the 9th Assembly. He drew blank in the first year much to the disappointment of many, given that he is a ranking member of the National Assembly.

Sen. Abba Patrick Moro (PDP, Benue-South) and Sen. Suswam Torwua Gabriel (PDP Benue North-East) have respectively sponsored 8  and 7 bills, constituting 30.77%  and  26.92% of  bills sponsored by Senators from the state. 6 and 4 of the bills by Moro and Suswam respectively were sponsored in the first legislative year.

From a global standpoint, the three senators have sponsored 3.4% of the 747 bills sponsored at the red chamber in the period under review.

Benue Senators
How Benue Senators Stand on Bills

At the House of Representatives, Mr. John Dyegh (APC, Gboko/Tarka) and Mzondu Benjamin Bem (PDP, Guma/Makurdi) have sponsored 6 bills each. This constitutes 22.22% respectively of the performance of the Benue contingent in terms of the total bills sponsored. Also, 6 and 4 of the bills sponsored by Dyegh and Bem respectively were sponsored in the first legislative year (2019 – 2020).

Francis Ottah Agbo  (PDP, Ado/Ogbadigbo/Okpokwu) and Kpam Jimin Sokpo (PDP, Buruku) have sponsored 4 bills each. This is 14.81% of bills sponsored by each of these men. Two of the bills by each lawmaker were sponsored in the first year.

Iorkyaw Richard Gbande (PDP, Katsina Ala/Ukum/Logo) has sponsored 3 bills constituting 11.11% of the Benue performance. He sponsored two of these in the first year.

Two bills are credited to Mr. Tyough Robert Aondona (PDP, Kwande/Ushongo) constituting 7.41% of Benue members’ bills at midterm. He sponsored one each in the first and second legislative year respectively.

Samson Okwu (PDP, Oju/Obi) and Onuh Onyeche Blessing (AC, Otukpo/Ohimini) have sponsored one bill each only in the second legislative year.

The following Benue Reps have no bills to their name in two years: Godday Samuel Odagboyi (LP, Apa/Agatu), Mark Terseer Gbillah (PDP, Gwer East/Gwer West) and Iorwase Hembe Herman (APC, Konshisha/Vandeikya).

From a universal point of view, House of Representatives members from Benue State have sponsored 1.9% of the total 1365 bills sponsored at the House in the period under review.

Benue Reps
How the Reps from Benue Stand on Bills


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