OrderPaperToday – Sen. Biobarakuma Wangagha Degi (PDP, Bayelsa East) has lifted the Bayelsa Senate contingent in the motions and petitions tally at midterm.

Degi sponsored two motions and one petition, while Sen. Henry Seriake Dickson (PDP, Bayelsa West) and Sen. Cleopas Moses Zuwoghe (PDP, Bayelsa Central) scored zero in motions and petitions.

In his first motion, Degi addressed the need to ensure immediate commencement of the Oil and Gas Research Center and Museum, Oloibiri, Bayalsa State-Nigeria’s first oil field.

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In his submission, he commended the Federal Government for “the conceptualization, design and award of contract for the establishment of the Oil and Gas Research Center Oloibiri, the first oil field in Nigeria to promote tourism and improve socio-economic wellbeing of the people” and urged the Federal Government to “give priority and attention to development of heritage institutions such as the Oloibiri Oil and Gas Research Center and Museum as a constant reminder and enrichment of the history of our socio-economic development.”

Motions and Petitions Scorecard of Bayelsa Senators

Furthermore, he urged the Federal Government “to direct Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) and other concern contractors to mobilize to site, commence the immediate construction of the Oil and Gas Research Center and Museum at Oloibiri; and mandate the committee on petroleum resources (upstream); culture and tourism to carry out intensive oversight on the implementation of the project.”

Similarly, Degi sponsored a motion on the need to ensure immediate survival of the Brass Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Brass Island, Bayelsa State.

He also commended the Federal Government for “conceptualizing the design and commencement of work since 2004”. He urged the Senate “to invite the management of Nigerial National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) and Brass LNG to brief the committee on gas on the extent of the implementation of the project; and urged the Federal Government to create an enabling environment for reputable Oil and Gas companies to take over 17% shares each previously owned by Canoe, Philips and Total.”

Meanwhile, Degi sponsored a petition against Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) on the devastation of their ecosystem, aquatic life and sustainable livelihood of Koluama Clan in Bayelsa State.

It is worthy of note that the membership of the Bayelsa State Senate  team in the National Assembly had been distorted due to the election of incumbent governor, Sen. Duoye Diri and his deputy, Sen. Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo who were  initially elected as senators in 2019 prior to the governorship election.

Dickson and Zuwoghe perhaps have been unable to sponsor any motion and petition just like in bills due to their late arrival in Senate since both men were only sworn into the senate in December 2021.

However, Degi’s motions and petition gave Bayelsa State the window to contribute 1.4% and 0.2% to the tally at midterm.



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