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Editor's PickMIDTERM: Dawaki sponsored no bill in first half of 9th assembly

MIDTERM: Dawaki sponsored no bill in first half of 9th assembly

OrderPaperToday– Dawaki Mustapha Bala is the member representing Dawaki-Kudu/Warawa federal constituency of Kano State under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the House of Representatives.

Prior to becoming a member of the National Assembly’s lower chambers, he worked in accounting businesses and the banking industry. He was also an entrepreneur and worked in the oil and gas industry as well.

He was elected into parliament in 2011 and has served in several committees. He served in Navy, Finance, Pensions, Banking and Currency, Special Duties, Appropriation, Diaspora Matters, Housing Committee and the Science and Technology Committees. He is the current Chairman of the Committee on Housing and Habitat.

Mr. Dawaki Mustapha Bala

Record shows that Dawaki joins the group of fifteen from the twenty-four representatives from Kano State who have zero bills recorded in their names in the first half of the 9th assembly.

Despite being a third-term member with extensive political experience and expertise, and despite the fact that lawmaking is one of a legislator’s fundamental obligations, Mr. Dawaki’s bill chart remains blank during the first two years of the 9th assembly.

However, a strong track record in the areas of representation and oversight functions, which are equally crucial obligations of a legislator, may compensate for him.

Perhaps he hasn’t given his constituents any reason to doubt his ability as a legislator, as seen by his being re-elected to the House for the third time.

Before the end of the 9th assembly, he may perform better and have sponsored bills to his credit.

Ibifubara Abbiyesuku
Ibifubara Abbiyesuku
Ibifubara Abbiyesuku is a young researcher with a niche on peace, security and social development within the African Continent. She has M.A Peace and Conflict Studies and B.A History and Diplomacy.
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