OrderPaperToday – Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly Dr. Ali Ahmad says Nigeria’s democracy can be strengthened when opposition parties are constructive in their criticisms of the government of the day.

Ahmad made this observation in Abuja while taking part in a Personality Interview Programme on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA 24) “The Scale”.

The Speaker noted with displeasure that the concept of opposition in Nigeria has been taken to ridiculous extent when juxtaposed with what obtains in advanced democracies around the world.

He enjoined Nigerians to be patient with the All Progressive Congress- led government under President Muhammadu Buhari, stressing that the president had demonstrated greater commitment, honesty and passion in addressing the myriad of challenges bedevilling the nation.

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He described the accessibility of Nigerians to both National and State Assemblies to express their grievances on issues as an indication that democracy is working in Nigeria.

The Speaker whose interview focused on “law and the Legislature” described lawyers as social science engineers who see politics as veritable tool of effecting change in the country, pointing out that the Association of Legislative Lawyers was initiated to provide a platform for lawyers in the legislature to move the nation forward.

Dr Ahmad pointed out that lawyers who were legislators had excelled due to their background and expressed delight that corruption had been reduced to the bearest minimum in the legislative arm of government.

He said the Eighth Legislature under his watch in Kwara State has served as check for the executive and is responsive to the yearnings of the people who elected them into office.




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