OrderPaperToday – The lawmaker representing Ngaski/Shanga/Yauri federal constituency of Kebbi State in the House of Representatives, Mr. Tanko Sununu, has narrated how unknown gunmen attacked and kidnapped students from the federal government college in Birnin-Yauri.
The lawmaker also raised the alarm that boko haram has infiltrated Kebbi and called on security agencies to put in place adequate security measures to tackle the insecurity situation in Yauri local government and other parts of the State.
Sununu, who is of the All Progressives Congress (APC), made the call while addressing journalists on Thursday at the National Assembly.
He lamented the growing number of out-of-school children in his constituency and other local government councils in the State.
According to him, “we all know that the pervading insecurity in the country is becoming worrisome. Hitherto, gone are the days when Kebbi used to be the most peaceful in the country. Of recent the border of the southern part of the state has witnessed a lot of misfortune. Not long ago we lost over 154 people from my constituency when they were traveling in a boat that capsized, and we can only account for 98 corpses with 22 survivors.
“A week ago, we had another calamity when bandits mentioned by eye witnesses numbering about 250 to 300, each with AK-47 rifles and using very strong motorcycles, came into my constituency. They had a field day and operated for more than eight hours. Going from house to house, room to room, collecting money, handsets, motorcycles and cattle. That led to a massive influx of internally displaced persons as the headquarters of the emirate in the town of Yauri.
“However we were able to convince people and they started going back to their respective areas, but they left a message that they would be coming back. Taking it serious, some people refused to go back and in the early hours of today, they repeated what they had done earlier and they came into the constituency, somehow around 10.30 or thereabout, they were able to have access after fight with some security guards, police that are guarding the federal government college, Birnin-Yauri and they made in road into the school. They succeeded in kidnapping some teachers and an unaccounted number of students. Some of the students and security men are currently receiving care at the general Hospital Yauri following gun injuries.”
The medical doctor turned politician further expressed fear over the likelihood of the dreaded Boko haram gaining access to Yauri town through neighboring States that have common boundaries with Yauri.
“The so-called boko haram we are hearing is almost becoming a reality because parents cannot feel free to send their wards to school for fear of being kidnapped. As it is now, a lot of primary schools in the emirate in Yauri town is being occupied by IDPs. This has a tendency to deter the progress so far achieved by the Kebbi State government in terms of agriculture and in terms of promoting access to education.
“The healthcare is also being stretched because of influx of people. The only general hospital we have is being occupied by IDPs. So we are in a state of disarray and definitely we have to call on the FG so something can be done immediately to safeguard the lives and property of our people.
“As representatives of the people, I have to come here and make a call on the federal government to look at Yauri’s position with its neighbouring Niger State. It has direct access to Zamfara State and west of Yauri is back of River Niger. Our fear is that their major target is to enter Yauri. Now we are calling on the Federal Government to provide adequate security. I have gotten in touch with security agencies. We had discussions with the field commander of operations and it has been confirmed to me that military aircraft is in surveillance in the area.
“We have to make it clear that Kebbi State and indeed the Yauri holds a unique position in the area of food security of this country. Over 90 percent of the land of Yauri is for rice farming. But as at today I want to assure you that no farmer can comfortably go back to his farm and farm and come back to sleep with his eyes closed”.
Meanwhile, the lawmaker also complained of the influx of people from neighboring States into Yauri thereby making the IDPs camps overpopulated.
“We are right now facing an influx of a number of people into Yauri with a higher rate of internally displaced persons. Accommodation, feeding and other logistics that is necessary is being affected. The worst part of it a nation can only develop when it is sound educationally wise”.


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