OrderPaperToday – Akiolu Moshood Kayode is a newbie in the House of Representatives and he is representing Lagos Island ii federal constituency under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mr. Kayode started his career at kayode Sofola and Associates as the Head of Public Sector Advisory Practice for both the federal and state government, according to his profile sourced online.

He remained in private practice before joining politics  in 2019 to contest election to represent his constituency.

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After wining his opponent from the Peoples Democratic Party with a difference of 8,643 votes, Mr. Kayode’s record shows that he did not sponsor any bill in the first two years of the four-year tenure, thereby giving his constituents, as well as the people who voted him, reason to doubt his capacity as a legislator because lawmaking is one of the mandate that is expected of him.

Mr. Akiolu Moshood Kayode


His profile records indicate that he has strong interest on impacting society at large positively. However, he did not use his legislative seat to sponsor any bill that will positively affect the citizens.

Giving the benefit of doubt, Mr. kayode is perhaps still trying to understand the system since he is a first timer in parliament.

His efforts of representation and oversight function may cover up for him on his deficiency on bill sponsorship, and make the people of his constituency consider him a worthy representative.

Sponsored bills might be accredited to his name in the remaining years of the 9th assembly if he works hard towards it.




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