OrderPaperToday– Some Senators have described as pointless the move by the Senate to investigate the allegation of bringing the Senate to disrepute, brought against Sen. Kabir Marafa.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the Senate mandated its Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to investigate the allegation, certain senators said that the senate had more pressing issues to consider.

The two lawmakers- Ahmed Lawan (APC Yobe North) and Abu Ibrahim (APC Katsina South) and Kabir Marafa are part of the Senate Unity Forum (SUF), the group that supported Lawan in his bid to be Senate President.

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According to Lawan, the senate should be more sensitive in the discharge of its function so as to ensure probity, transparency and accountability.

He said that the Senate should bother more about building a reputable image through its actions rather than being concerned with the actions or interview of one individual senator.

“I think at the moment, we are hypersensitive to what the public feels about us because an individual senator bares his mind on an issue. So I will advise the Senate that instead of spending so much time an individual senator, we should rather take the bull by the horn and focus on our fundamental functions and mandates.

“If we do that, no Nigerian will disrespect the National Assembly or indeed the Senate,” he said.

For Ibrahim, the Senate was a very big institution with great responsibilities and should not limit itself to any individual’s free speech.

He said that the moment the Senate begins to make mountains out of small issues then it could lead to the Senate investigating itself.

“Our main function requires freedom of speech. The moment you start instilling fear among ourselves that whether the Senate will impute meanings to whatever we say, then we have to call ourselves to order. I believe that our colleagues should be very careful in this kind of situation.

“We should consider statements according to their merits. What did Marafa say really that impinged on the integrity and the public image of the National Assembly?

“We have so many pressing problems in this country. We should concentrate on those issues that will move the nation forward. But here we are trying to cause more troubles for ourselves. If we are doing anything to our colleague, we are doing so to ourselves collectively,” he said.

Ibrahim stressed that the Senate ought to tread cautiously.

Recall that the Senate earlier today, mandated investigation into allegation of an interview published in the Punch Newspaper given by Marafa which allegedly brought the Senate and all Senators shame.



  1. It’s a game plan by the pro-saraki senators; they know the senate chairman on pro-corruption committee, bukola saraki will not make it at the CCT, hence the mull of suspension against the Lawan group in other to foist on the senate another anti-APC senator as SP.


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