OrderPaperToday – An All Progressives Congress (APC) member of the House of Representatives from Lagos State, Mr. Rotimi Agunsoye, has declared that his party and the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigeria on the issue of insecurity plaguing the country.

Mr. Agunsoye said this on Tuesday reacting to a motion of urgent national public importance moved by Mr. Muraina Ajibola from Oyo State who raised alarm over the invasion by suspected armed bandits at Igangan Town, Ibarapa North local government area, Oyo State, at the wee hours of Saturday 5 June, 2021.

He did not mince words in saying that the APC led federal government has failed woefully and accused the government of not doing enough to arrest the security situation in the country.

While contributing to the motion, Mr. Agunsoye, who was seemingly emotional, said: “Everywhere people are being killed. We have failed woefully. Something must be done.”

However, the lawmaker who exited the chamber after his contribution had the opportunity to speak to the press as he bared his mind furthermore on the current security situation in the country.

According to him, “one thing is clear in life that the truth must be told at all times. And when I swore to the oath of allegiance, I said nothing hidden in government will be taken outside. But this does not mean that the truth that we all know even if not spoken by all that doesn’t mean I should not speak the truth.

“The insecurity in this country did not start now. It started way back even when the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo was there. There was insecurity but the level of insecurity is on the high side. And I made mention that the role of government in governance is to secure the lives of the people and the their property.

“And also to take care of the welfare of the people. But if you look at it today, there is problem in every region, problems of insecurity in every region in this country. In the six regions of the country.

“If you go to the south-south, they will tell you that their people are being massacred. If you go to the south-east, the same story, the same thing is happening in south-west. Saturday to Sunday, over 50 people were murdered. Even I was told that in Osun state, some people were murdered.

“What are we talking about here. Go to the north-east, north-central and north-west, people are being killed. Then what are we doing in government if we can’t secure our people again. Is it when we now see jet fighters flying here and there. Already Nigeria is at war, I am left to my opinion and that is my humble opinion.

“I am a Christian, on the day of judgement nobody will stand here with me. I stand by the truth and said it there that people will not want to hear the truth because they would not want their illusion destroyed. And most hated person in the world is the person that speaks the truth.

“The truth is that Nigeria is at war, we cannot secure the people. Indeed we need assistance from abroad. We better seek for assistance so that we can secure our people. If there is no security, there is no way we can talk about welfare for the people”.

He also urged everybody to unite so as to fight against the menace.

“Everybody that has to do with governance in Nigeria has failed. That is exactly what I am saying.

“We have been talking about community policing, state policing, we have not been able to do anything about that. It is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion”.


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