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In Africa we marry for children not love, says senator

OrderPaperToday – While clamouring for more genotype testing among intending couples, Senator Chukwuka Utazi (PDP, Enugu) on Tuesday stated that Africans marry for children and not for love.

This he stated while contributing to the debate on a bill sponsored by Senator Samuel Egwu (PDP, Ebonyi) that seeks for increased genotype testing to prevent more sickle cell anemia cases in the country.

Recounting his experience, Utazi explained that he had to discontinue marriage plans when he discovered his genotype was not compatible with his previous partner, an incident he did not recover from until five years later.

He said: “This bill is taking me down the memory lane because I’m an AS carrier and when I was about getting married, several years ago, I moved into this orbit and I know what I went through because I was in love. I knew the trauma.

“After that incident, for five years I didn’t come out of it. So I am speaking from experience and I know how it pains that you have made a choice and you discover that the choice can’t work. Because in Africa, we marry for children, we don’t marry for love.”

At the point, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan interrupted and said: “Senator Chukwuka Utazi, I think you should be speaking for yourself.”

Continuing, the Enugu Senator stressed the need for intending couples not to wait till the wedding day before checking their genotype and blood group.

“A test is done to show the blood group, the genotype before leaving. In the birth certificate of the child, all those things are put in place. We should not be waiting for when people want to go and marry, that is when they will start checking their genotype and their blood group, it shouldn’t be”, he added.

Senator Biodun Olujimi also advised intending couples “not allow love take away the best part of our marriages”, urging them to take blood testing serious.

Titilope Fadare
Titilope Fadare
Titilope has uncommonly rivaled prowess in two international languages: English and French. She is a media practitioner and an impeccable writer with close to 4 years active experience working in well-established national media houses and startups. She has penned several political, social development and human interest stories. Titilope has led and effectively worked with different teams on projects key to governance till the very stage of implementation. She is highly self-driven and organised with a deep sense of responsibility that reflects real life scenarios and professional productivity. You may reach her via Email: t.fadare@orderpaper.ng
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