We have followed with disbelief the assault on the collective will of the Idoma Nation at home and in the Diaspora by the Appeal Tribunal in Makurdi Benue state that voided the election of  our Senator David mark and consequently ordered a re-run.

We are further embarrassed that one Daniel Onjeh, the All Progressive Congress  Party (APC) candidate in the last senatorial election, has continued to bask in the euphoria of that judgment by making unguarded statements to the public.
The Idoma Nation has not degenerated to the level of fronting a Daniel Onjeh to fly our flag. We are not in a position to question the verdict of the learned Appeal Court justices, but we fear that the reason for the annulment of  Senator Mark election is not known to law. What has the  clerical error in the date signed by the Independent National Election Commission (INEC)  returning officer got to do with the outcome of the election in which results were collated in the nine local governments and signed by the agents of the parties? It is absurd, strange and an overkill to cancel election on the basis of an error in date.
Nevertheless, the National Association of Idoma Students (NAIS) will continue to support Senator  Mark anytime, any day. We will vote for Senator Mark because without him, most of us, including Daniel Onjeh, would not have had access to education. His annual scholarship, under David Mark Scholarship Foundation (DMSF) has always come to the rescue of students especially the orphans and indigent students .
How can we forget the establishment of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Otukpo study center, for which most of us are beneficiaries? Can we forget the multi-billion naira Otobi water project, addressing the water problem  in Benue state  besides, hundreds of gainful employment opportunities.
What about the construction of the Oweto bridge that is near completion courtesy of Senator Mark. Have we forgotten thousands of Idoma sons and  daughters in positions of authority influenced by Senator Mark? We take serious exceptions to Daniel Onjeh’s tantrums against our leader, Senator Mark. What is more offensive is that this same Daniel Onjeh benefited from Senator Mark. It is strange that Onjeh could easily  forget how Senator Mark paid his school fees at the  Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state, before his (Onjeh) expulsion from the institution.  Even his movement to Ghana, did Senator Mark not contribute largely to the success of it? How time flies. We may not know what is propelling Onjeh but we are really alarmed by his audacity and arrogance against our leader. It is strange and unAfrican for Onjeh to insult a man who paid his school fees. This is absolutely unacceptable.
We hereby direct Onjeh to go back to his pay masters and tell them that Idoma interest cannot be compromised. He should further inform them that Idoma will not send their bag handler to the Senate to come and pick their errands. We will do all we can within the ambits of the law to protect the interest of Idoma nation by voting for senator Mark, no matter the circumstances. He is our Father, our Idol, our Icon, our Emancipator and Mentor.


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National president

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