OrderPaperToday – Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, Mr. Najeem Salaam has said the legislature can help reduce cost of governance if legislators are reelected continually.

Mr. Salaam said in so doing there would be less need for orientation and training that is usually organized for first time members at the start of each assembly.

The Osun speaker made this point in remarks made at a Legislative Retreat for Kwara State
House of Assembly members held in Ede, Osun State.

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He said: “If we have our lawmakers reelected time and time over again the cost of training new lawmakers would be saved and the system would be better for it, because of the experience that would have been acquired
along the line, but if we keep on changing the lawmakers, then we have to keep on training at expensive rate.”

He pleaded with the electorate to consider re-electing lawmakers in order to help in cutting the cost.

Mr. Salaam also called for the institution of legislative autonomy in the constitution as a way of ensuring the independence of the legislature.

He said: “If a state parliament is self accounting, the chances are high
that checks and balance contemplated by the framers of the constitutional
democracy would be attained, but if a parliament would rely on executive for funding, then we should know that independence is redefined.”

Reported October 29, 2015



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