OrderPaperToday – Mr. Yaya Bauchi Tongo has dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Peoples Democatic Party (PDP).

Tongo is a member of the  House of Representatives representing Gombe/Kwami/Funakaye Constituency of Gombe State. He was elected in 2019 to represent his constituency under the platform of the All Progressives Congress.

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According to a letter made available to the public, Tongo had on 1st December 2021, tendered his resignation letter to the the party chairman, All Progressives Congress, Tongo electoral ward, Funakave Local Government Area of  Gombe State.

In the letter, Togo cited the  crises in the APC in Gombe State as the reason for his resignation.

The letter reads, “this decision of mine was arrived at after a careful observation of the numerous crises in the All Progressives Congress in our State without any resolution in sight. All efforts made by well meaning members of the All Progressives Congress to bring – about a peaceful resolution of the crises continue to meet brick walls, as some individuals have hijacked all party machineries and have consistently refused some of us space to actively contribute to the development of the All progressives Congress in Gombe State.”




The letter also stated his exclusion from the last congresses conducted by the All Progressives Congress as another reason for his resignation. “Worthy of note of the sidelines, is the exclusion of my person from the last Congresses conducted by the All Progressives Congress, where a charade was staged by a certain gang of people to the detriment of all well meaning founding and financial members of the All Progressives Congress in Gombe State”

He stressed that his right to resign membership of a political party is exercised within the Nigerian Constitutional provision.



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