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Editor's PickMIDTERM: Fuoh Abel draws blank on the bills chart

MIDTERM: Fuoh Abel draws blank on the bills chart

OrderPaperToday– David Fuoh Abel is a newbie member of parliament, who is representing Sardauna/Kurmi/Gashaka federal constituency of Taraba State under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) but sponsored no bill in the first two years of the four-year tenure.

On the 7th of October, 2020, Mr. Abel who was elected to parliament on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket, switched to the All Progressive Congress (APC). He explained that his defection was prompted by conversation with his constituents and the speaker’s leadership style, which he believes is worth emulating.

Despite his boasts of following the speaker’s leadership style when he defected to the ruling party, records show that he did not sponsor any bill in the first two years of the 9th assembly for the citizens to commend and perhaps wish to emulate.

Fuoh Abel
Mr. David Fuoh Abel

However, Giving him the benefit of doubt as a first-timer in the House of Representatives, he may still be trying to understand the system. Although, his other counterparts who are also newbies, have sponsored bills.

Mr. Abel regretfully joins the group of two from the team of six in Taraba State who makes a no-show on the bills chart at midterm (June 2019- June 2021).

Nonetheless, his record of performance on the areas of representation and oversight functions may cover up for his blank record on bill sponsorship. He may be able to sponsor bills before the end of the 9th assembly.

Ibifubara Abbiyesuku
Ibifubara Abbiyesuku
Ibifubara Abbiyesuku is a young researcher with a niche on peace, security and social development within the African Continent. She has M.A Peace and Conflict Studies and B.A History and Diplomacy.
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