OrderPaperToday – FixPolitics, a citizens-led research-based movement, is celebrating Nigerian citizens’ victory recorded in the Senate’s resolution on Tuesday, 12 October 2021.

As earlier reported, the Senate has agreed to empower the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to determine the transmission mode of election results, whether electronically or manually.

Recall that there was a recent petition by FixPolitics and endorsed over 100 independent organisations, including OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative (OAI). The Petition was titled “Petition to provide for the Electronic Transmission of Votes/Results.” It urged citizens to sign and get a reaction from our legislators who are currently wrapping up work on the bill’s electoral act (amendment). 

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Thus coming off the heels of the Senates decision to empower INEC, a press statement by Prof. Remi Sonaiya Coordinating Co-Chair, Constitutional, Political and Electoral Reforms and Anthony Ubani Executive Director, FixPolitics, has commended the upper legislative chamber.

“We considers this reversal of the Senate’s earlier resolution, which subjected INEC’s power to transmit election results electronically to the approval of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Assembly, as a major victory and step towards the actualization of Nigerians’ desire for elections that are transparent, free and fair,” it read. 

The statement noted that FixPolitics and several other CSOs, CBOs, Think-Tanks, Socio-Cultural Groups had made presentations at the various public hearings held by the Senate and House of Representatives on constitutional and electoral reforms. 

It added that “given that Nigeria practices a representative democracy, FixPolitics holds the “Office of the Citizen” as the highest office in the land. It is delighted that the Nigerian Senate has realised that as representatives of the people, their power as members of that hallowed chamber derives from the people. Therefore, it is their duty to pass laws that reflect the will of the people.”

Similarly, “FixPolitics calls on Nigerian citizens to continue to make their voices heard on issues which bear directly on their well-being and that of their country; for example, the demand that the Nigerian Constitution include a provision for holding Referendums.”

The Petition on Referendum in Constitution amendment is likewise endorsed by several other CSOs, CBOs, Think-Tanks, Socio-Cultural Groups and Professional Associations in Nigeria, including OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative (OAI), Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), The Electoral Hub, Enough is Enough Foundation (EIE), Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Gender Development Initiative, World Children Foundation, Partners West Africa-Nigeria (PWAN), League for Human Rights, among others

In conclusion, the press statement reiterated that “#FixPoliticswill not relent in its commitment to promotingvalues-based leadership, advocating for the realisation of empowered and engaged citizens and proposing structural reforms to our electoral and constitutional processes with a view to engendering good governance in Nigeria. We believe that more victories will be won for a truly democratic Nigeria as citizens recognise and use their constitutional powers elect and hold leaders accountable. Our country is on the move.”



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