OrderPaperToday – The reported invasion of the Ekiti State House of Assembly and ‘arrest’ of four lawmakers by the Department of State Security (DSS) has elicited strong reaction from the governor.

Governor Ayo Fayose has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari saying he is using the security outfit to hound political opponents and those who disagree with him.

The governor in a statement by his special assistant on public communications and new media, Lere Olayinka berated the DSS saying it has derailed from its mandate of providing intelligence to protect the country.

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Fayose who said Ekiti may review the presence of the DSS in the government machinery of the state, vowed that the people will rise up to challenge any invasion by one million armed men of the security service on the orders of President Buhari.

According to him, “the government of Ekiti State may have to reconsider the usefulness of men of the DSS in the government house and other institutions of the State government.

“If Buhari likes, let him relocate all DSS men in Nigeria with the entire ammunitions in their armoury to Ekiti, the will of Ekiti people can never be broken. They will only try, and like they have always done, they will fail because dictatorship has never triumphed over the people.

“Even Buhari’s dictatorship between 1984 and 1985 ended one day and Nigerians will also outlive his present dictatorship.”

The governor pointedly accused the DSS of failing in its mandate, saying “instead of
assisting the Police, Military and other security agencies with classified matters, we now have a DSS that is running after perceived opponents of the president, arresting goat and fowl thieves as well as husbands who assaulted their wives.

“If the DSS was alive to its responsibilities, we won’t be having Boko Haram insurgents killing Nigerians, all these kidnappings and Fulani Herdsmen killings, raping and destroying farmlands in the South-West, South-East and North-Central zones in the country would have been nipped in the bud.”

Fayose also called on Nigerians and the international community to note threats to democracy in the country with the DSS and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) being used by government to harass political opposition.

He said: “It is obvious that democracy in Nigeria is becoming unsafe in the hands of Buhari and his APC and those keeping silent now because of politics may also end up in the belly of this roaring lion that is threatening to consume our democracy.

“Therefore, Nigerians and the international community should take special notice of the use of the DSS and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to muscle opposition.

“As for me, I wish to say once again that I am not among those Nigerians that are afraid of harassment by any agency of the federal government.

“I make bold to state that in the overall interest of democracy and well-being of Nigerians, I will continue to speak my mind on issues bordering on governance in Nigeria. I will not be intimidated!”



  1. We know u Fayose and ur ranting, concentrate and do ur work nobody is looking for u but try and keep ur hands clean.

    • Bunmi, what are u saying? that nobody in this country can talk again when this man Buhari continue to commit felony, God how has Nigerians became so coward, then we are under sage

  2. What did this man do to deserve all these insult? I think you guys are really blind to the situations on ground. Can’t you see the tyranny brewing and whoever is not for them is humiliated? Open your eyes and don’t be sycophants

  3. There is nothing like boldness in Fayose. What I see is madness. It was the same mental breakdown that incited him to publicly humiliate the woman that gave birth to him.

    • Yes Muhammad Musa, u will not see anything in Fayose, because u are in buharicomatose. When us wake up u will see clearly, but for now, sleep on!

  4. The only defence I want to hear is this; ‘ I didn’t do it’. If you did it, it doesn’t matter that the state has singled you out of the crowd for prosecution or investigation. The motive of the state is immaterial, are your hands clean? Besides when GEJ was on the throne, it was okay for the state to close it’s eyes to the misdeeds of his favourite governors. Those were the days men like Saint Fayose swore to us on national TV that, ‘ 16 is greater than 19’.

  5. I think this what u have to give it to Ekiti people everyday abi?by insulting the president everyday,i did not blame u but i blame Ekiti people for removing an educated man like fayemi,nd bringing this mouth diahorea nd a motor park taut an ilitrate,. compound fool like fayose, to be a governor for an accademic state like Ekiti

  6. U are the best governor Nigeria has ever have,, may the good LORd grant you more wisdom to govern your people.. Love you because the Bible say be bold

  7. Fayose is out of democracy now,he is tribalistic.his desires now is just to insult and tarnish peoples image

  8. Owning the blind man will call him names nigeria it hard time you see the government of today from another perceptive

  9. Buhari has met his Match in Fayose! He says he is a Tyrant, but his tyrany can be only effective over just governors in the North who see him as a god. Let him dare Fayose, and other governors, and he will know the real meaning of opposition!

    • Bashar Saleh, u are not communicating at all! Work on ur grammer, this is a public place. Kaji ko? Mentality, prostration? Look up the meaning of these words in the dictionary and u will know what i,m talking about.

  10. Now this turn of Ayo to fire Buhari,during Johnathan regime El-rufai did not allowed him to drink water so Fayosa dnt allow Buhari to…

  11. Wont Buharist n APCshits for once think above parochial interest? Hw cn DSS came to a state as if we r in war front invading a sovereign n democratic independence house like army of occupation? Justifying dat s tantamount to Felony, pls let try to stop Tranny in d making.

  12. The Peter of the 21st century, the only Governor who doesn’t have a skeleton in his cupboard, the only man (GOVERNOR) that challenged Buhari to prob him, the only fearless hardened opposition Govnor to tell Buhari to his face of his inconclusive gov’t, The man for the masses.

  13. Mr Buhari this is Democracy,we must not all line up around u,enough of these intimidations wit Buhari,s DSS

  14. foolish president of Nigeria without a vision, tyranny and feel everybody can be afraid of him Nonsense wat is DSS doing in the state

  15. Some people are so ignorance to the level of not recognized the back of their hands,75% of ekiti are not with you again.

  16. all Ekiti in fact Yoruba’s, should be grateful to this man, if there is one man u should follow as a leader, this is the man Fayose

  17. I don’t knw the interest of Ndigbo on Fayose.

    I have been to all SUBEB AND PILOT SCHLS in 16 Lgs of Ekiti St, none have ever hailed the Gov but complaining.

    You’re here making refrence. May God heal you ignorance.

  18. MC,ndigbo hates Buhari for defeating gej,,they also hate him bcos they cannot get Biafra so anybody who is against pmb is their friend.however they forgot that as far as nigeria,’S political arithmetic is concern indigbo are not needed with or without them we can move forward,so allow them to wail until they can wail no more.when fayose finish his 4yrs you can’t hear any thing from him again.

  19. Only rabid dogs are amused by saliva flowing out of a rabid dog’s mouth, and they are a handful here.

  20. Fayose animal may wear agbada? Animal may put eyes glass. Animal may be governor in animal Kingdom ooooo. But when animal see hunter like PMB animal will jump fence like he did during Obasanjo time.

  21. I think PMB should be respected and not feared. You don’t expect a Governor to fear a President. Any governor that does that is a sycophant.


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