OrderPaperToday – Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has canvassed the introduction of psychiatric tests for drivers nationwide.

Speaking when he appeared at a public hearing to prescribe certain traffic offences and penalties organised by the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on Monday, Fashola such measure would help curtail accidents in the country.

Fashola said rather than sending road offenders to jail, sanctions like community services should be given to them, adding that putting offenders in jail leads to prison congestion.

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According to him, while training of drivers should be regulated by State laws, compulsory retraining, recertification and psychiatric test on drivers and offenders should be undertaken as well.

Recall that psychiatric tests for drivers was introduced in Lagos State during the tenure of Fashola as governor.



  1. You have crossed your boundary sir,Ameachi is the minister of transportation.it would have been better off if he makes the pronouncement.

  2. Nice ideal especially those with heavy trucks & you also check their brakes – that way we can live in little fears because those guys have “one ticket to kill”

  3. Pyschiactric test is good for driver. To be frank there areca lot of mad drivers on the road. But i would want Fashola to take the test first. Something is certainly not right about him.When taken i will assess tbe report.

  4. nigeria is turning 2 a play ground wot concerns minister of power,works&housing with road safety work?sorry 4 dis mess…

  5. Fashola a lot of people are not schooled in the matter. They are asking what has a minister of works got to do with road saty test. when driving, we see every driver as mad people. Its part of international driving test. People mumu well o.

    • Yes and for you too. Cant you see any good inthe advice? Do you drive at all? Do you know how many accident occur every seconds? Do you think its normal for a sane driver at top speed go through trailer? or 240km/hr

    • This should be the least of his concerns, we an agency empowered in that respect. Fashola should face his work: too many potholes on our roads, darkness all over, small businesses are begging him to provide electricity for them, Nigerians are yearning for good housing policy. These are areas he has almost exclusive powers to act.

  6. And 4 ministers too… Lair lies mumad(infocult) ogbonaya onu(sciencetech) solo dalong (youthspot) ameachi(trans) mostly affected. They should be in batch A also known as classical or total madness. Treat dem on emagency/intencive care unit (ICU)

  7. Whether we like it or not, he is saying the right thing. Most of our drivers take drugs from drivng and when something happns to them on the way,they claim it was meant to happnd.

  8. First they paint a picture of a kleptomaniac Nigeria where everyone is a thief but them then they say Nigerians are psychiatric cases. What next will they call us

  9. BRF was right, in most of European countries you can’t even drive a passenger bus without going through all this test, and the worst of all in Nigeria is the trailers drivers, which majority of them are ignorant of the traffic law and they are always on drugs and alcohol

    • @Ikenna Ezenwa must you people always apply this your addicted sentiments in everything, who cares who owns the responsibility, what is really important is the message not the messenger, even an ordinary citizen can suggest good idea to the government

    • There is nothing wrong in seeking for Fasholas’ experience in that regard. A lone education is nothing illiteracy and ignorance.

  10. It was meant to humiliate unruly private drivers in Lagos during Fashola’s tenure. And you had to pay for the psychiatric evalation! But to date it has not tamed the excesses of commercial bus drivers or danfo drivers who the authorities seem to ignore as they continue to kill, maim and endanger other road users and the public. LASTMA and FRSC should know that they should have gadgets to test drivers for DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. That is international best practice.

  11. I call that old school style of administration kindly come up with new things, most of the Drivers are better politicians

  12. Oga Fashola, well done. It’s really a good thing. But why don’t we start from the very first things….
    Hiw many Nigeria drivers can afford a psychological test? Do u know how hard it is for people to have days meal? Do you know that some of these commercial drivers at the end of the day go home with 2-3k only. Maybe saves 1k and the family eats with the other. Mr. Fash do u drive yourself? Have you undergone this test before? Ur aids n drivers.. have they gone for this evaluation?
    Let ur boss know people’s want n needs first n that is food for survival first before u talk about psycho test.
    Because you are favoured.. others don turn garbage. Do you know what 25k for psycho test can afford a common Nigerian? Enough garri, rice beans yam plantains etc for at least one month.
    Park well o…. make a bed first den we can talk about how to lie on it.
    It’s a necessity.. yes, but it’s time will come.

    • Let him take dressing O’- man must wacko welle welle first b4 psycho test for all 9jas that are showing the symptoms.

  13. na wa o for this fashola,is it the first thing yu suppose do as a minister?road de yu no do am ungry de waya poeple yu no anything yu con de talk about the driver i beg go check ur brain first an other minister.

  14. Pls fashola are you minister of transportation?? Or u lost focus?? We want to hear steady power suply, construction of raods, imployments. Pls allow raod sefty nd minister of transport to do their job.

  15. pls the should give me the work, i av psychometric test that i will use, and am also a psychologist working at psychiatric hospital

  16. All of dem are d same always talking rubbish dat cant inpact on d economic lives of d people,their govt is a govt of it is easier said than done

  17. fashola is turnin to b a local champion.. Only in ur state u cn wrk now @ federal level all u do is gabble gibberish i jst hope his brain is nt feverish? D pple dat need pychiatrist test weekly is all dis politicians behavin lyk they r infected wit mad cow disease!

  18. Lol..sir are you minister of transport or minister of power and works? I think u should go to psychiatric first because u don’t know your work..face your work


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