OrderPaperToday – With three senators and six House of Representative members, the Ekiti state lawmakers at the National Assembly have a combined total of 34 Bills.

Thus, the 9th National Assembly lawmakers have had an overall fair run halfway into their tenures. Thanks to the efforts put in by the lawmakers in the red chamber. As a result, they seem to have a better scorecard of the two chambers in terms of Bills productivity.

The three Senators sponsored 29 Bills, with Sen. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (Ekiti Central Senatorial District) sponsoring the most, with 17 Bills. He has added eight bills to the nine he sponsored in his first year in the 9th Assembly. The lawmaker was previously in the 7th and 8th Assemblies as a Member of the House of Representatives and returned to the 9th Assembly as a Senator.

While eight of his Bills have gotten to the Committee stage, seven have gone through 1st reading. These make Sen. Opeyemi Bamidele one of the top Bill sponsors, coming in at number 8 on the list of Senators with the highest number of Bills sponsored in the 9th Assembly.

9th Assembly Ekiti senators’ bills tally

On the other hand, Sen. Olubunmi Ayodeji Adetunmbi (Ekiti North) has sponsored seven Bills, while Sen. Biodun Christine Olujimi (Ekiti South) has five. But, interestingly, Adetunmbi has just one Bill at the Committee stage and one for the first reading.

In contrast, Olujimi has three of her Bills at the Committee stage and one at the first reading stage. Therefore, it appears the latter has a higher Bills productivity index. However, both senators have only sponsored one bill between June 2020 to June 2021 as their other bills were sponsored in their first year in the 9th Assembly.

In contrast, the six Ekiti state legislatures in the green chamber have sponsored a total of only five Bills. Mrs. Ogunlola Omowumi Olubunmi leads her fellow Ekiti Rep members with three Bills, all at 1st reading stage. She is also two Bills up from the 2020 Female reps Bills chart.

While Messrs Olanrewaju Ibrahim Kunle (Ido/Osi, Moba/Ilejeme federal constituency) and Adaramodu Adeyemi Raphael (Ekiti south west/Ikere/Ise/Orun) have one Bill each. There has been no change from their first year report card.

The Members who have scored zero on bills include the former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr. Olufemi Richard Bamisile (Emure/Gbonyin/Ekiti East Federal Constituency) a newcomer to the National Assembly, Peter Owolabi (Ikole/Oye Federal Constituency), and Olusola Steve Fatoba (Ado Ekiti/Irepodun-Ifelodun Federal Constituency). These three members are yet to sponsor any Bill since the start of the 9th assembly.

Ekiti scoreard
How Ekiti Reps stand at midterm

Also, notably, the state has made a bit of effort towards political gender inclusion when compared to other states. For example, of the paltry number of 19 female lawmakers (out of 469 lawmakers) elected into the 9th National Assembly, two come from the state, namely Sen. Biodun Christine Olujimi (Ekiti South Senatorial District) and Hon. Ogunlola Omowumi Olubunmi (Ekiti Ijero/Ekiti West/Efon Federal Constituency).

Interestingly in the 2019 general elections, Sen. Biodun Christine Olujimi initially lost her seat to represent Ekiti South Senatorial District.

But the State Assembly Election Tribunal and the Appeal Court later declared her winner. Consequently, she was sworn into the Nigerian Senate on 14 November 2019. Thus looking at the Ekiti lawmakers in the 9th National Assembly, she is the only winner with a PDP ticket. In contrast, the others won their seats on APC tickets in the 2019 general elections.


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