OrderPaperToday – President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has said the current of hardship is an act of God and a blessing in disguise.

The Senate President who spoke on Monday at the 2016 National Political Summit in Abuja  advised political office holders elected in the 2015 election to deliver on their promises to the people or be kicked out.

Saraki said the 8th National Assembly under his watch will work closely with the executive to eliminate corruption and entrench accountability across all spheres of the public sector.

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A statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Sanni Onogu said Saraki warned against discretionary spending of public resources, unbudgeted expenditures, procurement abuses and diversion of public monies for personal gains must stop.

According to him, the “present hardship is a blessing in disguise as it would definitely  challenge the leaders and Nigerians at large to think out of the box and evolve innovative solutions to weather the present economic storm.”

He said further that “the 2015 general election has changed Nigeria for good. Its implications will continue to redefine the Nigerian political space for sometime to come. For the first time, the voice of the Nigerian people was definitive and unmistakable. They wanted change.

“For those of us who by this election have been entrusted with shaping the destination we travel from now, there is a clear and distinct warning, the change demanded by Nigerians from the 2015 election are not without consequences.

“The victory was won out of turmoil and strife. It was an election won on the belief that Nigeria, together, is our best chance of becoming the greatest of all black nations.

“This victory represents the abiding desire and struggle of the Nigerian people to build a just and decent society where the people matter and are the reason for government.

“This was a victory won with sweat and blood for Nigeria to turn this page. The change Nigerians demanded from the 2015 electoral victory is based on the idea that Nigeria can be made great again through a dedicated and law respecting political class with the right political value and vision.”

The senate president said that the legislature is reinforcing its oversight role to ensure procedural and output integrity in the administration of the country.

Saraki said: “Our people have called us to stamp out corruption, improve governance, accountability, transparency, service delivery and human right protection, and the National Assembly is ready to roll out an array of reforms on, accountability, revenue management, budget processing, policing and public service performance monitor that would see our resources better used, engender better public participation in governance, oversight and virile public service that is service oriented.

“Let me make our position absolutely clear, the present National Assembly is working and will continue to work hand-in-gloves with the executive arm to rout corruption and entrench accountability across all spheres of our public sector.

“The days of business as usual are over. Discretionary spending of government resources, unbudgeted expenditures, procurement abuses and diversion of public monies for personal gains must be eradicated.

“As part of our agenda, the National Assembly is strengthening her oversight systems to ensure procedural and output integrity. All public spending must be within the Appropriation Act. We can no longer afford waste.”



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