OrderPaperToday- Speaker of the House of Representatives has promised to expose all those who voted against women bills during the clause-by-clause consideration of the Report by the Joint Committee on Constitutional Review.

Femi Gbajabiamila, made the remarks shortly after the bill seeking additional seats for women in State Houses of Assembly and National Assembly failed to secure the required two-thirds majority.

The development is in spite of a reminder by the Speaker to his colleagues that women play a major role in Nigeria’s democratic process and should be given better opportunities.

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From a total of 302 members present for voting, only 81 voted in favour of the bill, while 208 voted against the proposed amendment. Thirteen of the representatives abstained from voting.

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Similarly, another of the women bills proposing amendment on 35% Affirmative Action in Political Party Administration for Women, failed at the House of Representatives during the clause-by-clause consideration of the bill.

Following the results of voting on the Affirmative Action Bill, Gbajabiamila called for a repetition of the process. He appealed to his colleagues to support the bill as women formed the bulk of citizens come out en-masse to vote during elections.

“Following existing statistics it is women that come out enmasse to vote. It is the same women who come out in mass to vote for us . You are now here voting against their interest? I am going to publish those who voted against this particular bill,” Gbajabiamila stated

Earlier, Bamidele Salam (PDP, Osun), had moved a motion requesting for the 35% to be reduced to 15% Affirmative Action and it was seconded by Dachung Bagos Musa (PDP, Plateau).




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