OrderPaperToday – The Senate has adjourned plenary till January 18, 2022 for the Christmas break.

The Senate adjourned after passing the 2022 budget on Wednesday.

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, in his remarks before drawing the curtain on plenary activities for the year, commended various Senate committees and all special and standing committees for working so hard to enable the back to back passage of the budget before the Christmas break.

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“This is one of our great legacy bringing back the budget cycle to that desirable and predictable January to December Budget cycle.

“We promise Nigerians in 2019 that this senate and indeed the national assembly will bring back that cycle of the budget so that our economy is better influenced and supported.

“We thank God for making it possible for us to achieve that in 2020, 2021, and 2022 budget.

“That we have done this; we are not alone in it. The executive has also shown commitment, willingness and capacity to work with us at our own speed to ensure that the budget is passed before Christmas”, Lawan stated.

He also commended the Senate for standing tall in commitments that otherwise some would have thought impossible, saying: “This year, we are rounding the year on a very high note, we thank God for that.

“We have passed the Petroleum Industry Bill, now an Act, something that could not be passed for over 20 years. We have passed of course the supplementary appropriation of 2021 as well to enable the executive especially this administration fund the security agencies as well as provide some resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have also passed the Asset Management  Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) amendment Bill something that is going a long way to ensure that those who want to cheat the will of Nigeria going through AMCON are not given that opportunity to do so but will safe Nigerians from those kind of criminal tendencies.

“But we also recently passed the climate change bill and Mr. President has signed. All these bills that I have mentioned, Mr. President has signed them.

“These are great achievements that this senate promised Nigerians that we will do that because they are fundamental and true pillars of our legislative agenda.

“Today we have passed the Budget for 2022, and that is a huge, very big milestone, very historic. And this is something that we are supposed to ensure that as long as we are in this senate up to our tenure, that we pass the budget as regularly as we have established.

“Let me say that we passed the so much sort after Electoral Amendment Bill but we know that there are some reservations raised by Mr. President and we have stood down work on it to await when we reconvene together with our colleagues from the House of Representatives so that we look at the issues raised and then as national assembly, we address the situation in whatever way is appropriate.

“I believe that this  National Assembly and particularly this senate has done so much and I believe that if we have to wait for too long may be nobody will say we did a lot, but I’m sure that this senate and the national assembly has done a lot in the area of legislation.”



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