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Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations score NASS low on citizens’ interest

Nigeria’s Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations said the National Assembly (NASS) must prioritize the interest of citizens at all times  A group of civil society organizations under the aegies of the Nigeria Network of Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations (NNPMO) has called on the National Assembly (NASS) to prioritize the interest of citizens above political and personal pursuits.  The NNPMOs, which are a cluster of civil society organizations that promote transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in parliamentary processes and...

After 75 days, Senator Ningi returns to NASS 

After serving 75 days out of the prescribed 90 days, the Senate recalled Ningi, who was suspended on March 12, 2023, for accusing its leadership of fraudulently smuggling projects into the 2024 budget. Senator Abdul Ningi (PDP, Bauchi Central) finally returned to the National Assembly after his suspension, which lasted 75 days instead of 90 days. Senator Ningi seemed excited to be back in the Senate and was among the first legislators to arrive at...

FLEX: Tinubu to exert highest influence on NASS – OrderPaper

The report by OrderPaper reveals that  President Tinubu has the record of transitioning the largest number of politicians from the legislature to the executive in one fell swoop. OrderPaper Nigeria, in a report, has predicted that the Bola Tinubu administration will exert the highest influence and impact on the National Assembly in a way that either strengthens the legislature or reinforces its widely perceived rubber stamp status. The report, a niche edition of OrderPaper’s Quarterly Policy Review...

Meet members of the 10th National Assembly from Borno State 

Thirteen lawmakers in the 10th National Assembly are from Borno State – three in the Senate and ten in the House of Representatives. This article by Oluwafunke Ajayi tells you about them and their constituencies  Borno, a state in the northeastern part of Nigeria, has Maiduguri as the capital. Nicknamed ‘God’s own state,’ Borno was created in 1976 when the former North-Eastern region was broken up. “Borno” takes its name from the historic emirate of...

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