OrderPaperToday- Following the terror attacks in Brussels yesterday, the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) on Wednesday called for a wide range of actions to counter the growing global threat of terrorism and expressed condemnation of the act, describing it as “a brutal assault on democracy and core human values”.
In a resolution on peace and international security adopted at the conclusion of the 134thAssembly in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, IPU Members “proposed a multi-faceted approach to dismantling terrorist networks, combatting hatred, and counteracting terrorist propaganda”.

According to the resolution, there is an “absolute need for international anti-terror cooperation to be stepped up”. The resolution also urged parliaments to “legislate to combat pro-terror websites and to criminalize acts such as travelling abroad to commit terror, recruiting and training terrorists or funding terrorism.”

As strategies to destroy the risk of extremism taking root, the IPU suggested governments to “tackle poverty, discrimination and unemployment while increasing dialogue, education and youth empowerment measures.”

In a statement in reaction to the attacks in Brussels, IPU President Saber Chowdhury pledged the Organization would do its utmost to engage all groups in social and political processes. Members would work to make parliaments more representative institutions to provide a space and mechanism for political differences to be resolved through discussion and negotiation.

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Underscoring the relevance and tragic timeliness of the resolution on terrorism, he called on all Members to follow up on the commitments made at the Assembly.

Among these were ways to rejuvenate democracy and restore public confidence in political institutions and politicians, whose images have been undermined by a growing disconnect with the people, lack of transparency and corruption.

Nearly 640 MPs from 126 countries, including 79 Speakers and Deputy Speakers attended the IPU Assembly in Lusaka, jointly organized with the Zambian Parliament.



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