By Ambassador Amaechi Petax

What Happened In 1970? Who Is Lt. Col. Philip Effiong? Must All The Igbo Blood Physically Come And Stay Put In The South East Axis Before the Castle Is Built?
70% Of The Agitators Are Bigwits Who Are Behind The Scene, And Whose Children Are Studying Or Living In The United Kingdom Or Malaysia Or Even South Africa (oh k you said Ghana?)
It Is Still The Graduate-Children Of The Have Nots That Are Fronting The Struggle. Where Are The Igbos That Will Change Hands Of Time? Is it Ihedioha, Rochas, Peter Obi, Soludo, Allison Madueke, Kanu Nwankwo, Elechi, Uwazuruike, Ifeanyi Uba, Uzo Kalu, Sullivan, Peter/Paul Okoye, Chimuamanda, Dee Sam ? Just Wait And See The Tide In 2019.
Will The Good And Selfless Igbos Appear Once Biafra Is Declared Or Will The Citizens Of Biafra Be Imported From Bahamas? A Good Man Is A Function Of The Heart Not A Place….Can’t We Make South East To Be The African Hub Without “Biafra-ning” It? Why The Sudden Resurgence Of The Movement? Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, Bikonu Who Were The Igbos That Demonstrated Against Saraki’s Code Of Conduct Trial? What About The Igbo APC-PDP Dichotomy? See What Akpabio Did In Akwa-Ibom. Most Of The Igbo Guys I Know In Abuja Are Purely Inaccessible….Who Is Our Presidential Candidate?
Ndi Igbo ibem…The Solution To Our Problem Is In The Palm Wine Not In Biafra; How Well Have We Managed The South East? United Will Stand.
Let’s Rather Call For Igbo-Nation Conference And Talk To Ourselves In Igbo Dialect; Then Chart A New Course, Otherwise The Cold War Can Never Be Won (The Mbaise-Man Is Still Hated Among The Igbo People #‎TheMasqueradesAreHere).
“isi nkpi di n’akpa nkpi….ihe na-eme anyi si anyi n’aka” Igbo Ekelem Unu.
Long Live The Igbo Nation!
Long Live Nigeria!

Ambassador Amaechi, Petax
[Opium Of The Masses]

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