OrderPaperToday- President Muhammed Buhari has come under fire for the comments he made in an interview with The Telegraph, a UK- based newspaper, with the headline ‘Nigeria’s Reputation for Crime Has Made
Them Unwelcome in Britain, Says Nigeria’s President.’

In reaction, Ben- Murray Bruce took to Twitter and blasted Buhari in a series of tweets.

“But why will a President go abroad to say with his own mouth that his own people have a reputation for crime?

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“President @MBuhari, Nigerians are not criminals. Nigerians are honest hardworking people. #IAmANigerianNotACriminal. If you agree you are a criminal, who am I to disagree? But certainly in the case of my followers and I, he is lying!”

He continued, making reference to comments made by Buhari before being elected in 2015.

“Mr. President, you once believed we weren’t criminals. When did you change your mind? #IAmANigerianNotACriminal

“Bernie Madoff stole $50 Billion, the largest theft in the world. That doesn’t make all Americans thieves! Don’t generalize because of a few!”

In this row- causing interview published on 5 February 2015, President Buhari made references to Nigerian asylum- seekers who claim that their lives are in danger, hence their need to seek asylum in either Britain or the US.

The Telegraph said that “Nigeria’s President has warned his fellow citizens to stop trying to make asylum claims in Britain, saying that their reputation for criminality has made it hard for them to be “accepted” abroad.

“Muhammadu Buhari, the tough ex-general elected last year, said those who had joined the migrant exodus to Europe were doing so purely for economic reasons rather than because they were in danger.

He added that because of the number of Nigerians imprisoned for law-breaking in Britain and elsewhere, they were also unlikely to get much sympathy. “We have an image problem abroad and we are on our way to salvage that””, the newspaper wrote.

According to the newspaper, Buhari further said: “Some Nigerians claim is that life is too difficult back home, but they have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human trafficking.

“I don’t think Nigerians have anybody to blame. They can remain at home, where their services are required to rebuild the country”, he told The Telegraph.



  1. I wonder why people tend to misunderstand what the president is saying, all the president is saying is dat Nigeria has a bad record before the international community then instead of us going to places we are not welcome, why cant we come back home nd do the needful jst to build our integrity again.

    • What you mentioned as interpretation of PMB’s assertion is not same as what he said. In other words if he meant what you said it would not be same as Nigerians are criminals.

  2. Isn’t Ben Bruce enlightened enough to know that Buhari DIDN’T say Nigerians are criminals? Ben Bruce is slanting Buhari’s comments. Buhari said given the numbers of Nigerians in prisons abroad,it is difficult for them to be accepted abroad. And Mr ‘Common Sense’ is slanting his comments. Mr Common Sense,go get some…

  3. People are just looking for ways to discredit the effort of our president not knowing that he has the nation at heart, i bet you it is only president buhari who is bold enough to tell u the bitter truth about Nigeria. Anyway people may not value the president now but with time or when he is out of office then we will feel his impact.

  4. A Nigerian is always a Nigeria, we should promote our own image, in the eyes of the international communities, spoiling it, pmb, is No exception

  5. Is that a news? Who don’t know Nigerians are …….. I beg let’s change our ways and stop the distraction

  6. This una illiterate president talks b4 he thinks instead of d other way round. And d funny thing is that he likes washing his dirty linen outside .

  7. Hmm Ben,can u tell Nigerians d history of SILVERBIRDS? IS IT UR PERSONAL CASH OR NIGERIAN CASH?pls be sincere 2 ur God. We r all criminals in way or d other,PMB is very very right,truth is bitter.its high time we tell ourselves d bitter truth.

  8. This man who is a part and parcel of the notorious cabal is quoting the president out of context. Even if the president said so,is that not the plain truth? We have a battered image abroad because of what some of us who had the privilege of going abroad did.We abused the hospitality and the social system of our hosts!.We collect goods abroad on credit and fail to pay the creditors after sales, instead we change our address and the Oyinbos Into fools.There is no need reciting our fraudulent activities abroad because we all know them.So,there is nothing wrong or bad telling ourselves the truth so that we can CHANGE for the better.

  9. Mr Bruce is a criminal,he pretends too much.someone mentioned how people have hijacked the government in the past and he is telling you his readiness to show probe them,the next thing is for you to misinterpret the person.he that killed Dele Giwa is call Baba,who add Gida join the name,na him sabi.

  10. Mercy Nnenna Green you don’t need to be surprise.
    I believe pmb dose not know how weighty that STATEMENT is.
    Well I see it as a plot to insult and call his election financiers names.
    People like Amaechi, Tinubu, Fashola, Obj and the rest.
    People around him are CRIMINALS, so pmb is right,100%.

  11. if you are in support of what Ben has just said regarding Buhari’s remark and you can boldly defend it that nigerians are not criminals then please kindly type your BVN number with your full name on your Facebook page and see who is telling lies whether it is Buhari or Ben.
    at least for once a God fearing man is trying to sanitizer the nation and some are fighting him for saying what is the truth, if your pastors and your imams are scared to tell you what is the truth then let somebody with good intentions do it for them better than allowing those whites he goat to be calling us names.

  12. Ben Bruce i hope you are not among those in Dasuki list. Let me ask some questions regarding to what this useless said. 1. How many people are in foreign prisons? 2. How many people stole our public funds from 1970 to date? I know this questions cannot be answered and there are many related to the above mentioned. We have many Criminals in Nigeria e.g politicians, some business people e.t.c Baba Buhari continue telling the truth don’t mind monkeys like Ben Bruce. Baba till 2023. If you are tired we have morethan 2000 countries in the world just relocate to one of them. God Bless PMB God Bless Nigeria

  13. Crying where there is no wolf will not reverse the results and outcome of the 2015 general elections. Wailers should please adopt new and decent strategies. Lying or exaggeration belittles you in other impartial peoples opinion.

  14. Sen. Ben Bruce has always been mute in the national assembly but eventually becomes a common sense maker on social media and his rhythm fm. Where was he when Jonathan made all the mistakes? Now he has become an expert in twisting issues around just to turn people against Mr. president. National Assembly siddon look turned social media parrot.

  15. Sen. Ben Murry-Bruce should please make it public in view of where and how PMB made such an insulting remark on Nigeria-ns,prior to my believing him.

  16. if u are supporting buhari over this issue, pls say Amen to this prayer, may ur relations, children, family members suffer humiliation, bulling and other wickedness from foreigners abroad as a result of this statements. say Amen

  17. What i read here is d comments of people who dont know wat image branding is all about. I believe u all remember wat south africans did to their african brothers, if u condemned dat act then, the only difference btw it and wat buhari is doing to nigerians is dat blood has not been shed. britain and america are among the 10 most corrupt countries in d world according to transparency international, Nigeria is not among the 10, that is to tell u that we are better than britain and america, and sure they mock buhari becos of illiteracy, cos they believe he is not learned. do u know dat such statements will affect bizs for nigeria, i thot buhari said nigeria will be exporting, when u tell ur customer u are a thief how do u expect him to buy from u. he is busy destroying the image of nigerians internationally to make project himself as a saint not know dat he is being mocked all over d world. Am sure d ppl supporting this act hv mental problem, cos if they dont they will know dat the president is setting nigerians up for attacks by foreigners. use ur brains dont be a blind follower


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