By Steve Aborisade

1. A House of Reps that remained a sore point of legislative excellence is trying to instill discipline which it never had through oversight by taking charge of a state’s Assembly because the constitution permits it to do so and not because there is the competence, aside the precedent of a better mold of character justifying the take over.

2. When a Speaker of an Assembly was impeached, accused of being a drunk and for consistently sharing her bed with men other than her husband. And, when her impeachment, condemnable as it is for being largely hearsay, is reversed by the governor, who should have no such influence and power, but nevertheless exercised them. They can’t even enact a pretension of independence for a moment!

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3. When a judge was queried by the National Judicial Council (NJC) based on a spurious petition from the wife of her driver that she was sleeping with him and in fact wants to snatch him. Coincidentally, it was at a time she went public suggesting the governor of her state was misusing the trust of the people.

4. When a major national newspaper instead of pointedly reporting that EFCC has arraigned some senior lawyers for BRIBERY resorts to colouration, and instead said they were arraigned for ‘Offering Money to Judges’. Is such offer of money not bribery?

5. When a president announced on a cable TV in a foreign land that he has pledged our nation’s membership to a controversial Islamic coalition on terror and condemning those who have genuine fears about his actions

6. When Fayose says his current travail is persecution. Should he not have known better?

7. When you sincerely think the DSS or whoever is after Fayose is not acting out a script.

8. When we celebrated a peak power generation and say Buhari is working, and now, at an all time low and we are pointing at saboteurs. And when you think Fashola is incompetent of leading that Ministry.

9.When you think Buhari can perform miracles. And when Buhari and his team can’t see and admit they have performed below expectations.

10. When the Minister of Communication is acting as an agent of MTN, cutting deals behind the sector’s regulator. Are percentages involved?

11. When the FRSC is wise by half, unable to admit it’s failure to keep road users safe when it turned its eyes away from the impunity of office holders on the road and their disregard for road safety laws.

The list continues.



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