OrderPaperToday-  Member House of Representatives Razak Atunwa (Kwara State) has called the Federal Government out for its proposed plans to increase taxes and tariff to encourage growth of GDP.

In a series of tweets this evening via his handle @Atunwa_1, the lawmaker that infrastructural development must follow increase in taxes, to avoid injustice towards the citizens.

“The fact that government needs to increase internal revenue doesn’t imply extortion of the masses thru any means possible, taxes must be justified. Increasing tariffs when the services are as poor as before is injustice and shouldn’t be encouraged in a bid to generate more revenue.

“Citizens have been paying taxes for decades, with little or no physical projects to justify the taxes paid. Increasing it without development is wrong. Government is focusing on taxes, loans etc but the government should also make quick effort to generate revenue from natural resources and agric. Loans, bonds or whatever isn’t what we really need.

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“We should begin to live beyond rhetorics by converting our resources into money”, he concluded.



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