OrderPaperToday –  A former federal lawmaker, Mr. Emmanuel Jime who is also the All Progressives Congress gubernatorial candidate for Benue State in the forthcoming general elections, has assured the people that if elected he would grant total autonomy to local government councils.

Jime who was also the former Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly hinted on his willingness to retain the controversial anti open grazing law except that he would like to repeal some grey areas to the benefit of all stakeholders if given the opportunity.

The following statements were made during an interactive forum of sons and daughters of Benue State organized by the Emmanuel Jime/Sam Ode campaign organization led by Sen. Jack Tilley-Gyado.

According to Jime, “it is my profound gratitude and privilege to hold this interface with you. When we assume office in June this, Benue people would be proud of us. All Benue people need now is a discerning and conscious leadership.

He continued: “For me, we have to abolish the joint account regime. There’s need to give our local governments autonomy because they also represent an arm of government. We shall fully implement the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and this implies that all ministries, departments and agencies would comply with the policy. The era of wasteful spending of Benue people’s money is coming an end.”

Jime decried the hardship and poverty being experienced by people in the state despite receiving huge revenues from the federal government in the last three and half years without commensurate development.

“Benue has received a total of N406 billion in the last three and half years without anything to show for it. It will also interest you to know that the wage bill which is N3.6 billion has suddenly increased from that amount to N7 billion meanwhile, people have resigned from office, some retired, no fresh employment and some persons have even died so how come the wage bill increment,” he questioned.

On the other hand he promised to to focus on key areas like agriculture, social welfare, healthcare delivery, infrastructure, economy and security if elected as governor.


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