OrderPaperToday–  Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has scored the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) low in synergy and intra-regional trade, saying less than 12% of African countries benefit from the food share market.
The institution, therefore, urged African countries to complement each other on agricultural transformation in order to increase production and facilitate investments in the ECOWAS region.
AGRA is a partnership-driven institution that is African-led and farmer-centered. Founded in 2006, AGRA has been transforming smallholder farming in Africa beyond the solitary struggle for survival, into thriving businesses. 
 So far, four countries under the ECOWAS Parliament are currently beneficiaries of its programmes, namely Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso.
During the second ordinary session of the ECOWAS Parliament held in Abuja, Nigeria, AGRA charged ECOWAS Parliament to queue into it current programme entitled, “Africa Food Trade and Resilience Initiative”.
Mr. Sunil Dahiya, senior programme officer of Regional Food Trade and Resilience Initiative, who represented AGRA, enjoined ECOWAS to formulate policies that would enhance the use of evidence, reforms and capacity through the strengthening for regional food markets.
According to him, “It is sad that despite the potential and vast opportunities, intraregional trade remains consistently low compared with inter-continental trade at Africa  with 11.9% for gains.
“ECOWAS must support regional policy development and micro -reforms addressing regulatory bottleneck is directly affecting food trade.
There must be updates from time to time and private sector feedback sharing vis-à-vis.
“The ECOWAS must also work towards strengthening of homogeneous food and nutritional standard. The ECOWAS should encourage cross borders and informal cross borders. Again, ECOWAS must create enabling environment for intra-trade in agricultural commodities.
Most parliamentarians agreed with the suggestions outlined in the presentation made by Mr. Dahiya.


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