OrderPaperToday – A former Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro has asked political gladiators in Benue state to focus on issues that affect the people positively rather than dissipating energy on campaign of calumny against Sen. David Mark.

Morro cautioned  those attacking the former Senate President ahead of the forthcoming rerun election to think otherwise because according to him, Mark cannot be distracted by the antics of a few disgruntled elements whose stock in trade is to spread falsehood.

Moro who is the Director General  of Senator David Mark campaign organization stated that at the  moment, “we are concerned with the issues of rerun election for Benue South as ordered by the Appeal Tribunal.

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“A few uninformed persons have engaged in spreading falsehood that 16 years of Senator Mark in the Senate did not benefit the Idoma people. History will judge,” he cautioned.

According to him, “Senator Mark is not just another Senator, he is a man who stood to be counted when it mattered.  He presided over the Senate that stabilized democracy through the invocation of Doctrine of Necessity and saved the politics from the precipice.

“I am so confident that the Idoma man and woman who appreciates the worth of Senator Mark will neither betray nor let him down. He is the choice. A Daniel Onjeh cannot be an option for the Idoma nation.

” Noting can be farther from the truth, Senator Mark remains the only single individual who has been consistent with scholarship award to students of Benue state since 2005. At the moment no fewer than 20,000 students have been awarded scholarship since inception.

“In 2008, he single handedly built and donated a multi-million naira complex to the National open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Otukpo study centre.

“For his effective representation in the senate, he attracted the Multi-Billion  naira Otobi water Dam project that would solve the water problem in the Zone. In addition, the Dam would improve Electricity supply and thousands of people would be gainfully employed besides other ancillary firms.

“The Multi-Billion naira  Oweto/loko bridge in Benue south is nearing completion. When completed movement of goods and services would be enhanced and boost the economy of the state and environs. In fact, a journey from Otukpo to Abuja would have been reduced from seven hours to just  two and half hours.

“Nobody can undermine the importance of Education for which Senator Mark made his pet project. It was under his effective representation that the federal Government approved the federal university of Health sciences in Otukpo Benue State.

“He has severally influenced the appointment of Benue sons and daughters into Federal Boards and parastatals. The attack on Senator Mark is uncharitable . I do not understand why somebody with conscience would say senator Mark has not done anything for his people.

“Yet our brothers from the other side  of the divide still complain that all the federal appointments and projects  goes to Benue south. I think there is a limit to treachery. No amount of falsehood would change the truth and verifiable facts on ground.

“And I dare say that  If the campaign of calumny is all about the forthcoming rerun election for Benue South  I can say without fear of contradiction that the promoters have failed woefully because the Idoma Nation will not yield to blackmail. They know that Senator Mark is our choice  to vote for when the time comes.

“Those who say Senator Mark has not done anything should be courageous enough to tell us what they have done  and not the cheap and lousy talks about Senator Mark”




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