Comply with labour laws, Kalu urges foreign investors

Leah TwakiJuly 10, 20243 min

Kalu charged foreign investors to comply with labour laws while promising investment-friendly legislative frameworks

Comply with Nigerian Labour Laws, Kalu urges foreign investors

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Benjamin Kalu (APC Abia), has called on offshore companies and prospective foreign investors to adhere to Nigerian labour laws in alignment with international best practices when conducting business in the country.

Kalu emphasized this during a courtesy visit from a delegation of the Nigerian, China, led by Mr. Wang Luming, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress, at his office in Abuja on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Highlighting Qingdao as a pivotal hub for shipbuilding and construction in China, Kalu underscored the longstanding diplomatic relations between Nigeria and China, noting their successful collaborations on mutually beneficial issues.

Kalu affirmed the House of Representatives’ readiness to implement legislative measures that will enhance Nigeria’s business environment. “The House of Representatives is eager to engage in meaningful discussions with the Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress as part of the core engagements toward actualizing the House’s 8-point legislative agenda, especially through business and investment-friendly legislative frameworks and oversight. By working together, we can unlock a future of mutual benefit,” he stated.

He further expressed optimism that the meeting would deepen understanding of shared interests, strengthen economic partnerships, and create opportunities for Qingdao enterprises in Nigeria. “We can join forces to build the infrastructure Nigeria needs to thrive. Qingdao’s manufacturing prowess presents a wealth of opportunities, from top-notch home appliances to reliable tires and delectable processed foods. Imagine factories humming in Nigeria, producing these goods or even becoming export hubs to the rest of Africa,” Kalu added.

Kalu reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to advancing economic and social ties with China, highlighting the importance of deeper cooperation in trade, vocational training, and cultural exchange. He also acknowledged the Ndigboamaka Progressives Market Association for their role in facilitating the meeting.

“The House of Representatives remains committed to providing a conducive legislative environment that supports our joint initiatives and encourages the growth and prosperity of both our nations,” Kalu said.

He assured the delegation that the parliament would use legislative interventions to address any challenges faced by foreign investors, ensuring a comfortable investment climate in Nigeria.

Kalu stressed the necessity for foreign companies operating in Nigeria to comply with local labour laws, particularly concerning the welfare of their employees. “We have observed that some companies in Nigeria are not complying with our labour laws regarding the care of their workers. It’s important to comply with the labour laws. As we welcome more companies to Nigeria, we are strict with compliance with our laws,” he emphasized.

In his remarks, Mr. Wang Luming expressed Qingdao’s intent to collaborate with the Nigerian government in technology, vocational education, and talent training to help address unemployment in the country.

About Nigerian Labour Laws

Nigerian labour law addresses employee rights, working conditions, minimum wage, termination clauses, and various other regulations established by the Nigerian government. The current version of the law was implemented in 2004, five years after the establishment of their current constitution.

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