Bills on anti-doping, prohibition of maize export | HOUSE GIST TODAY

Leah TwakiJune 30, 20243 min

A bill on anti-doping and another to stop the exportation of maize and its derivatives have been passed in the House of Representatives

Bill to stop exportation of maize, Nigeria's Anti-doping bill | HOUSE GIST TODAY

  • Reps move to stop the exportation of maize

To address the ongoing food crisis, the House of Representatives passed a bill to prohibit the large-scale export of maize and its derivatives from Nigeria on Thursday. The bill was passed following its third reading. It was sponsored by the Majority Leader of the House, Rep. Julius Ihonbvere (APC Edo). According to a recent publication by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the national average cost of a healthy diet was N1,041 in May 2024, a 1% increase from N1,035 recorded in April 2024.

  • Anti-doping bill gets passed in the House of Representatives

Within 29 days in the legislative mill, Nigeria’s anti-doping bill was passed at the floor of the House after scaling third reading on Thursday. Rep. Julius Ihonvbere (APC Edo), who led the debate on the executive bill, had informed that the bill seeks to implement Nigeria’s obligations to the World Anti-doping Code and International Standards. The House Leader reminded his colleagues that failure to implement the proposed domestication and establishment of the centre before July 26, would mean that Nigeria may not participate in the forthcoming Olympics.  “The National Anti-doping Bill, 2024 seeks to create an administrative independent National Anti-doping organisation which is a cardinal requirement for Nigeria to achieve compliance with the world anti-doping code and international standard for code compliance with codes by signatories. “The enactment of this vital legislation will also help Nigeria avoid imposition of signatories consequences, including loss of hosting rights and participation at regional, continental and world championships or major athletic events.”

Bill to stop exportation of maize, Anti-doping bill | HOUSE GIST TODAY

  • Speaker Abbas invites members to the legislative open week

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Tajudeen Abbas (APC Kaduna) who presided over the session on Thursday read the letter of invitation to the Legislative Open Week which will commence from  July 3rd to 5th, 2024 with the theme: “Improving Inclusion through Citizens Engagement,” is aimed at fostering an open parliament and promoting citizens’ engagement in legislative and governance processes.  Rep. Abbas said, it aligned with Agenda 6 (Inclusion & Open Parliament) in the Legislative Agenda of the House.

Leah Twaki

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