Rep celebrates one year of Speaker Abbas’ leadership of inclusivity and candour 

Leah TwakiJune 13, 20244 min

Ogene has commended Speaker Abbas’ one year in office, saying his leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, transparency, and a commitment to democratic principles

Rep Celebrates one year of Speaker Abbas leadership of inclusivity and candour 

The Chairman House Committee on Renewable Energy Rep. Afam Victor Ogene (LP, Anambra ), has praised the Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. Tajudeen Abbas for his inclusive and candid leadership on the occasion of his first anniversary in office.

In a statement, Rep. Ogene highlighted the significance of Rep. Abbas‘ leadership, which began with his historic election on June 13, 2023, where he garnered an unprecedented 353 out of 360 votes. This overwhelming support, Ogene noted, underscored Abbas‘ esteemed reputation and the high confidence his peers had in him.

Ogene noted that one year into Abbas’ tenure, he has transformed the House into a platform for all Nigerians, irrespective of their ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds. His leadership has been marked by inclusivity and empathy, even in the face of economic challenges and public skepticism. His composed and candid approach has earned widespread admiration and has been a stabilizing force in the legislature

“His calm and composed demeanour, even in the face of unrelenting attacks on his character before his emergence, has left many in awe, about the obvious calming candour of his personality. One year later, that same leadership style, defined by inclusivity, empathy, and firm resolve, has become a beacon of stability in the House of Representatives, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration.

“Speaker Tajudeen’s election to lead a dynamic House of Representatives, made of sizable members from the opposition political parties, including myself, in a time the nation is grueling in economic difficulties and the polity bitterly divided by politics, religion and ethnic differences, marked a new chapter in the country’s legislative history. 

“A chapter of leadership style characterized by inclusivity, transparency, and a commitment to democratic principles. In doing so, he has fostered a more participatory legislative process, encouraging debate and collaboration among members from diverse political backgrounds.” Rep. Ogene remarked 

Ogene pointed out one of Abbas‘ first significant actions was the restructuring of the House’s committee system, increasing the number of standing committees from 109 to 134. This move aimed to enhance the legislature’s oversight capabilities, ensuring thorough scrutiny of executive actions and greater accountability. Despite initial criticism, the restructuring has strengthened the House’s ability to hold the executive accountable.

He further noted that the House, under Speaker Abbas has been proactive in legislative activities, passing 78 bills, consolidating 10, referring 88 to relevant committees, rejected one bill, working on 69 others at the Committee of the Whole level, and has 1008 others awaiting second reading. Notable among these achievements is the passage of the Electricity Act 2023 and its amendment in 2024, which aims to provide a comprehensive framework for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry and promote the integration of renewable energy.

Ogene equally praised Rep. Abbas on his stance on constitution review as he recently urged Nigerians to prioritise integration in the ongoing noting that the legislative agenda of the 10th House was “Strategically designed to address the challenges that slow our unity and journey towards a more perfect union.

Nigeria’s pluralism, characterised by its vast diversity in ethnicity, language and religion, offers a remarkable asset to the nation. Our cultural diversity can significantly enhance global diplomatic and economic relationships.

The varied perspectives and skills stemming from this diversity can foster innovative solutions to economic and social challenges, driving sustainable developments,” he noted.

Leah Twaki

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