Reps task Ministry of Women Affairs to train and support women in politics

Leah TwakiJune 11, 20242 min

The House of Representatives has mandated the Ministry of Women Affairs to create a department to train women in politics.

The House of Representatives has made a significant move to address the underrepresentation of women in Nigerian politics by calling for targeted training and support for women in politics.

In a resolution passed following a motion titled “Need to Provide Training and Support for Women in Politics,” sponsored by Rep. Blessing Chigeru Amadi (PDP Rivers), the House urged the Ministry of Women Affairs to create a dedicated department with adequate budgetary provisions, would focus on grooming, training, and supporting women in politics. Additionally, it would advocate for the inclusion of women’s roles in political leadership within the secondary school curriculum.

Leading the debate, Rep. Amadi highlighted the stark statistics showing women holding less than 8% of seats in both the National and State Assemblies.

She stressed the urgent need for gender equality in political leadership, emphasizing the critical role women play not only in governance but also in family structures, which are fundamental to leadership development.

Rep. Amadi identified several societal barriers hindering women’s political participation, including cultural and religious norms, marriage, and indigeneship.

She underscored that “the full and equitable participation of women in public life is essential to building and sustaining strong and vibrant democracies.”

Despite some progress in recent years, Amadi pointed out that women remain significantly underrepresented in political and leadership positions globally and particularly in Nigeria. She voiced her concern about the lack of equal opportunities and support for women to serve as political leaders and elected representatives, a disparity that undermines Nigeria’s democratic foundations.

To bring about any change in this disparity, it will require proactive measures to equip women with the leadership skills, resources, and support needed to navigate the political landscape and effectively participate in decision-making processes,” Amadi stated.

Deputy Speaker Rep. Benjamin Kalu, who presided over the session, referred the motion to the House Committees on Women in Parliament, Women Affairs and Legislative Compliance to ensure compliance.

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