Plenary disturbed as House of Reps Chamber faces technical issues again

Leah TwakiJune 11, 20241 min

Tuesday’s Plenary session in the House of Representatives suffered poor audio quality

In an unsettling recurrence of technical difficulties, the House of Representatives faced significant audio issues during Tuesday’s plenary session.

The members of the House were forced to raise their voices as the microphones malfunctioned, resulting in poor audio quality that hampered communication.

The technical glitch not only caused inconvenience to the representatives but also posed a challenge for journalists covering the proceedings. 

Despite the disruption, the House continued its sitting. However, the technical issues drew attention to the recurring problems plaguing the legislative chamber.

OrderPaper recalls that approximately N42 billion has been spent for the renovation of both the Senate and House of Representatives chambers. This significant expenditure, intended to modernize and improve the facilities, raises questions about the effectiveness and oversight of the renovation projects.

Leah Twaki

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