NLC condemns SGF’s remarks on nationwide strike

Leah TwakiJune 8, 20242 min

The NLC has condemned SGF George Akume’s comments on the nationwide strike and urged him to retract his comment

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has expressed profound disappointment over the recent comments made by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), George Akume labeling the nationwide strike by the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) as a “treasonable felony” and “economic sabotage.”

This was contained in a statement by Benson Upah, Head, Information and Public Affairs NLC, stating that the union strongly condemned these remarks, highlighting their potential to undermine constructive dialogue and exacerbate tensions between the government and Nigerian workers.

OrderPaper recalls that the NLC and TUC initiated the strike to demand a new national minimum wage aligned with the current cost of living, a rollback of the electricity tariff hike to ₦65/kWh, and an end to the discriminatory classification of electricity consumers. These demands, according to the NLC, are based on principles of economic justice and fairness for all Nigerian workers and citizens.

The labour congress emphasized the legality and civic duty of strikes, underscoring their role as a democratic tool for holding governance accountable.

The NLC also highlighted an incident from last week where labour leaders were surrounded by military personnel during negotiations at the SGF’s office, describing it as an intimidation tactic that is unacceptable in a democratic society.

The NLC called on the SGF to retract his statements and engage in genuine, respectful negotiations. “The path to resolving these issues lies in genuine dialogue and a commitment to addressing the legitimate concerns of Nigerian workers,” the NLC stated, urging the government to negotiate in good faith without resorting to threats or intimidation.

The NLC remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of Nigerian workers and vows to continue pursuing their demands through all legitimate means.

We will not surrender the trust and confidence Nigerian workers have bestowed on us to blackmail by the SGF or any other official.”

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