CASER defends GMO crops amidst rising misinformation

Leah TwakiMay 27, 20243 min

CASER views the House of Representatives call for a review of GMOs in Nigeria as a direct response to the overwhelming misinformation.

The Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER) has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Nigeria, responding to recent concerns raised by the House of Representatives. 

OrderPaper recalls that on May 16 The House of Representatives urged the Federal Government to stop the introduction of GMOs until investigations are completed by the Committees on Agricultural Production and Services.

In a statement issued by Frank Tietie, Executive Director CASER and Convener, FoodAvail Nigeria emphasized that GMOs are both safe and beneficial, urging for better communication strategies to combat widespread misinformation.

CASER highlighted the enduring presence of GMOs in global agriculture, noting that GMO foods have been consumed in the United States and other countries for the past three decades without any scientific evidence indicating adverse effects on human health, animals, or the environment.

Tietie expressed concern over the sharp rise in misinformation about GMOs, exacerbated by social media platforms. He pointed out that amateur videos and pseudo-experts have been proliferating unscientific and unfounded claims, some of which have escalated to levels that could threaten national security.

This growing misinformation about GMOs has not been met with adequate effort by the community of scientists, technologists, promoters, and officials of the Federal Government, who understand the principles of biotechnology and have a duty to educate the Nigerian public on the safety and benefits of GMOs,” Tietie stated. 

CASER views the House of Representatives call for a review of GMOs in Nigeria as a direct response to the overwhelming misinformation. However, Tietie sees this as an opportunity rather than a setback. He called for an intensive educational campaign to inform both parliamentarians and the general public about the scientific and legal frameworks that ensure the safe application of biotechnology, including GMOs.

This recent call by the House should be seen as a pivotal moment to educate and inform the parliamentarians and Nigerians in general about not only the benefits and safety of biotechnology and GMOs. Biotechnology and GMOs are strategic tools for national development, especially in achieving food security,” Tietie asserted. 

Adding that “We must maximize this opportunity”

CASER’s advocacy for biotechnology aligns with its broader mandate to promote the human right to food and enhance the living standards of Nigerians. The organization is committed to the safe application of biotechnology, believing it to be essential for sustainable development and food security in Nigeria.

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