Reps call for waiver of tollgate fees for Nigerian Armed Forces

Leah TwakiMay 21, 20242 min

The House of Representatives has insisted that tollgate fees at Nigerian airports across the country be waived for all members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

The House of Representatives on Monday called for a waiver of tollgate fees for members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria at all Nigerian airports.

This resolution emerged from a motion of urgent importance by Rep. Abdussamad Dasuki (PDP Sokoto) titled “Need to Waive Tollgate Fees at All Nigerian Airports for Members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.”

Leading the debate, Rep. Dasuki recalled, “It was reported on May 14, 2024, by online and print media that the Minister of Aviation announced that the Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the cancellation of all exemptions on airport access payments for VIPs in Nigeria due to the huge revenue losses they cause to the Federal Government,” which he noted will be implemented in a matter of days.

Advocating for the members of the Armed Forces, Rep. Dasuki emphasized, “Men and women of the Armed Forces honour our nation with the highest form of service and without reservation; keeping us safe from harm, protecting our wealth and territorial integrity, ensuring safe navigation on our territorial waters, protecting our borders including the Gulf of Guinea, Creeks, Sahara Desert, and forests, and fighting armed bandits who invade our communities.”

He continued, “It is important to show gratitude by honouring our brothers and sisters who are voluntarily serving under our flag, putting in their active years to keep our nation safe with some losing their lives, and some becoming disabled from the battlefield amidst other effects.”

Rep. Dasuki further argued that honouring these men and women in uniform will encourage fellow citizens to acknowledge their service and inspire youths to enrol in the military not as a means of escaping unemployment but as a valuable call to higher service to the nation.

Expressing concern, the lawmaker added that subjecting the Armed Forces to paying tolls for airport access, where they are also expected to protect citizens and foreigners, would make the nation appear to underrate their services and lack an appreciation for the value they bring.

The House, having voted in favour of the motion, directed the Minister of Aviation to mandate the relevant authorities to exempt members of the Armed Forces from tollgate fees and parking payments at airports across Nigeria.

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