Do not protect Fubara – Pro-Wike lawmaker tells Tinubu

Elizabeth AtimeMay 19, 20244 min

The pro-Wike Rivers lawmaker insists Fubara is breaking the law with his actions and calls on President Tinubu not to condone the bad behaviour in Rivers

The support base of former Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, remains solid as a member of the House of Representatives of Rivers State Caucus, Rep. Solomon Bob, has asked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to remove any protective cover for Governor Siminalayi Fubara of the State and allow the law to take its course on the governance and management of resources of the state.

Bob, who represents Abua/Odual and Ahoada East Federal Constituency of Rivers State, in a press statement signed by himself on Friday evening, stated that Governor Fubara had committed several impeachable constitutional breaches and disrespected the President not to warrant further tolerance of his acts of lawlessness.

Governor Fubara has no respect for President Tinubu. I can tell you that. Forget about his public posturing; he only fears him. That’s all. If he could thumb his nose at the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), His Excellency, Dr Nyesom Wike, who brought him out of nothing, imagine what he would do to Tinubu.

“He begged for the December settlement brokered by the President. He benefited more than anyone from it. He’s the only beneficiary. But see how he has trashed it. He paid people to challenge that settlement in court, including the so-called Rivers elders. The only term of the agreement he pretended to honour was the reappointment of commissioners who resigned, but he made them effectively redundant to the point where they had to resign again. He finally came out recently to denounce the settlement as unconstitutional.”

Rep Bob further stated that Fubara’s outrageous lawlessness and assault on the constitution requires that he should face the consequences of his actions adding that the President would be failing to live up to his oath of office to be seen to be condoning Fubara’s unprecedented lawless behaviour.

President Tinubu must not appear like an enabler of impunity and egregious unlawful behaviour. Governor Fubara destroyed an entire branch of the government to the rubble. He is running a government without a budget and spending Rivers people’s money recklessly. He has illegally withheld funds due to local governments, and our people are running on empty.

“The House of Assembly, which has the constitutional responsibility to take necessary measures against the governor, must not be fettered. At the moment, that’s the impression I get. I listened to the President’s media aide the other day, and I was disappointed. His statement is preposterous.

“If you do nothing in the face of gross lawlessness and constitutional abuse such as Fubara is displaying in Rivers State, that’s not neutrality, that’s siding with impunity, lawlessness, and tyranny.”

OrderPaper recalls that the feud between Nyesome Wike, Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the executive governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara has been on for almost a year with no end to the saga as all instruments and efforts by party faithful, stakeholders and even President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to broker peace has failed. Meanwhile, members of the National Assembly and other players from Rivers seem to be taking sides between the two political gladiators.

Recall also that 60 members of the House of Representatives opposition lawmakers on 8th April 2024 led by Rep. Ikenga Ugochinyere and Rep. Awaji-inombek Abiante from Rivers State and 4 others held a press briefing demanding the immediate resignation of the Acting National Chairman, Umar İliya Damagum. 

Nigerians, especially constituents from Rivers can follow up and track Rep Bob’s achievement and performance in the National Assembly here.

Elizabeth Atime

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