Northern Senators demand action over killings, kidnappings in region

Leah TwakiMarch 21, 20241 min

The Senators emphasized the reprehensible nature of violence and kidnapping in the northern region and urged for urgency in addressing the security situation.
Northern Senators calls for action over killings and Kidnapping

In response to the escalating violence and kidnappings in the northern region, the Northern Senators Forum (NSF) has issued a statement expressing deep concern and a commitment to decisive action.

The statement, delivered by Senator Abdulaziz Yar’adua, Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, highlights a string of distressing incidents, starting with the abduction of 286 students and staff from a school in Kaduna State on March 7th. This was followed by an attack on worshippers in a mosque on March 8th, further kidnappings of 61 people on March 12th, 14 individuals on the 17th, and a staggering abduction of 87 individuals in Kujuru on March 18th, among other incidents.

Senator Yar’adua emphasized the reprehensible nature of these acts and stressed the urgency of addressing the security situation. The NSF is resolute in its commitment to finding lasting solutions and ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice.

“We are committed to pursuing a lasting solution to this menace. We will not rest until the security situation is significantly improved and the perpetrators of these heinous acts are brought to justice. It is our core duty and mandate, and we will spare no effort in fulfilling it for the greater good of our people and our nation,” Senator Yar’adua added.

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