Reps urge Tinubu to act as living condition worsens

Elizabeth AtimeFebruary 7, 20245 min

Reps have called on President Tinubu to act due to the poor living conditions of Nigerians and called for urgent intervention over the high cost of commodities

Tinubu presents budget

The House of Representatives on Tuesday called for immediate action by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the poor living conditions of Nigerians and called for urgent intervention by the government.

OrderPaper recalls that President Tinubu in his 2024 New Year message on 1st January assured Nigerians of better days ahead.

We will work diligently to make sure every Nigerian feels the impact of their government. The economic aspirations and the material well-being of the poor, the most vulnerable and the working people shall not be neglected. It is in this spirit that we are going to implement a new national living wage for our industrious workers this new year. It is not only good economics to do this, it is also a morally and politically correct thing to do,” he had said.

Going by the high cost of living and economic challenges, the lawmakers, therefore, urged the Leadership of the House to begin in earnest, to plan for a summit with the theme: “Security And Economic Development”

These resolutions were sequel to a motion of urgent national importance brought by Rep. Isiaka Ibrahim (APC, Ogun) on Tuesday during the plenary session.

Rep. Isiaka in his debate noted that the cost of living, which has been a pressing issue for many citizens around the world, has only worsened in recent times, saying the impact has brought hardship on individuals and families and there was an urgent need for President Tinubu to intervene to bring down the cost of living in Nigeria.

According to him, “The skyrocketing expenses such as housing, food, healthcare, and education, all of which have seen significant increases in prices. The current inflation has eroded the purchasing power of individuals with higher prices for goods and services. Stagnant wages and limited job opportunities have also further exacerbated the financial strain on individuals and families, making it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

The impact of rising cost of living is particularly severe for low-income households, who are forced to make difficult choices between basic necessities. The financial burden has also led to increased levels of stress and anxiety, contributing to a decline in the overall well-being of Nigerian citizens. Furthermore, the high cost of living hinders economic mobility, making it challenging for individuals to save for the future or invest in their education and career advancement.”

He further declared that various radical policies and approaches by the government are not only necessary but, compulsory to propel the nation into the new era of robust economy, improved standard of living, and emergence of Nigeria as an economic destination of the world.

The caveat is, the gestation period has to come with unbearable hardship. Truly, incisions of a tribal mark are associated with pains, and only when it heals that the beauty radiates. Roasted dog can be very sweet when it is well dried, but what does one eat before the dog is dried? The fowl is currently perched on a rope; the rope is not at peace and the fowl is not also at peace. The water inside the bath we are carrying is half full and both the bath and the head are shaking. 

‘‘Cognizance of the fact that adding food crises, uncontrolled rising cost of living and the spate of insecurity challenges reverberating across the nation, will be tantamount to unprecedented humanitarian challenge that requires rapid action to ease the suffering of those without enough to eat, due to the current severe economic challenges, weak institutions, and fragility.”

He also noted that the financial costs are escalating energy prices and have fueled a cost-of-living crisis that is likely to increase poverty and hurt growth, potentially fueling instability. He insisted that strong and swift policy action is needed to mitigate the food crisis, cost of living, and human suffering.

Contributing to the motion, Rep. Ahmed Jaha (APC, Borno) said Nigerians were sitting on a time bomb.

Dear colleagues, our constituents are sitting on a time bomb as people are not happy. There must be drastic measures to bring back our country Nigeria on the right track. Between 2020 to 2022 prices of food of food has increased by 500%.”

The House therefore, resolves to; Appeal to the Federal Government led by President Tinubu, and all critical stakeholders to; Immediately open up the national food reserve and compliment by exploring the importation of grains, poultry products, Meats, Beverages, healthcare, and pharmaceutical products from the top exporting countries in the world as a short-term measure to increase food production and improve distribution, including through ensuring adequate access to fertilizers and crop diversification.

The lawmakers also called for trade financing and reinforcing supply chains as a vital tool for addressing the current cost of living price shocks.

The motion was unanimously adopted when the presiding officer, Deputy Speaker Rep. Benjamin Kalu (APC, Abia) put the question.

Elizabeth Atime

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