Israeli-Hamas War: Senate urges FG to join calls for ceasefire

Sharon EboesomiNovember 7, 20233 min

The call comes a day after the UN stressed the need for an urgent ceasefire and lamented the over 10,000 deaths which includes 4,000 children.

The Senate has urged the Federal Government to collaborate with other countries and the United Nations to call for a ceasefire in the Isreali-Hamas war.

It also urged the federal government to facilitate a two-state option as a long-term solution to the situation to save lives and prevent the destruction of properties that occur daily.

This resolution formed prayers of a motion sponsored by Senator Adamu Aliero, (PDP, Kebbi Central).

Aliero, who lamented the killings, described the casualty figures in the war as horrifying, saying that if not ended immediately, it might lead to World War III.

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“There have been horrifying figures of casualties from both sides. Schools that have been destroyed. Hospitals, Churches, and Mosques have also been destroyed from both sides.”

Contributing to the debate, the Deputy Senate President, Jibrin Barau (APC, Kano North) critisised the loss of lives and properties, describing it as unacceptable.  

He said, “What we are calling for is a ceasefire immediately. What we need now is a ceasefire so that the killings can stop. So many have lost their lives. So many children have been left orphans.

“You see what’s happening, when you open your TV you see dead bodies. This is unacceptable. This is not good, it’s not good for the modern world. The world has been so advanced. To begin to witness this kind of atrocity is not something we should welcome.

“We should add our voices so that Palestine and Israel can come together and accept a two-state solution so that permanent peace can return to that region. We can’t allow this to continue so a permanent ceasefire should be called for and be implemented immediately.

“Let the carnage stop, let the killing stop, then we sit down and negotiate for a two-state solution,” he states.

Also, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, (APGA-Abia South) said, “A two-state solution has been proposed and accepted but one side they don’t want to accept and the other side said they want to protect themselves.

“But the point is the world knows that an eye for an eye will lead to everybody not having any eye. And so I join in calling for a swift resolution of this conflict so that the world may be at peace.”


Sharon Eboesomi

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