International collaboration key to addressing insecurity – Reps

Elizabeth AtimeNovember 2, 20232 min

To address insecurity, Santomi stressed the need for the government to harness innovations to strengthen intelligence capabilities, enhance cybersecurity infrastructure, and promote responsible data governance.

The House of Representatives Committee on National Security said international collaboration is key to addressing insecurity in the country.

This is even as it stressed the need to adapt and transcend traditional approaches to safeguarding the country.

Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Ahmed Satomi (APC, Borno) stated this at the inaugural meeting of the Committee on Wednesday.

Santomi noted that the world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, with emerging technologies, global interconnectedness, and complex geopolitical dynamics redefining the very nature of security.

“Today, the concept of security extends beyond borders and military might. It encompasses economic stability, cyber warfare, environmental resilience, social cohesion, and the protection of our democratic institutions.

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“To truly address the challenges of the 21st century, we must adopt a holistic and inclusive approach. We must recognise that national security should not be pursued at the expense of civil liberties and human rights.

“Instead, we must strive to strike a delicate balance that preserves our core values while ensuring the safety and well-being of our people.

“Let us not forget the importance of international collaboration. In an interconnected world, no nation can stand alone against global threats.

“We must strengthen our alliances, deepen our partnerships, and engage in meaningful dialogue with other nations.

“By fostering cooperation and sharing best practices, we can collectively address transnational challenges such as terrorism, climate change, and the proliferation of small arms and weapons,” he said.

The chairman also emphasised the need to embrace the power of technology as a way of combating crime due to technological advancements that have revolutionised the world.

According to him, while technology has also introduced new vulnerabilities and threats, the government must harness innovations to strengthen intelligence capabilities, enhance cybersecurity infrastructure, and promote responsible data governance.

“By investing in research and development, fostering public-private partnerships, and engaging with the brightest minds in the field, we can stay at the forefront of technological advancements and safeguard our nation’s interests,” he said.

He promised to ensure that intelligence agencies operate within the bounds of the law and that citizens’ rights are protected, adding that through rigorous oversight and responsible governance, the legislature can build trust and maintain the integrity of our democratic institutions.


Elizabeth Atime

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