MTEF, 2023 census, federal roads, priority issues in NASS this week

Kauthar KhaleelOctober 31, 20233 min

As October ends, Nigerians anticipate commencement of legislative work on the 2024 Budget Estimates given the new budget cycle.


In keeping with its commitment to close the gap between citizens and the parliament, OrderPaper’s Legislative Intelligence Forecast Entry (LIFE) Service by Kauthar Anumba Khaleel, gives a forecast of actions to be taken this week by the National Assembly.

The Federal Government will present the 2024-2026 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP) to the National Assembly for scrutiny this week.

Upon receipt, the National Assembly is expected to expedite passage of the MTEF and FSP whose projections are required for eventual budget passage under the Fiscal and Responsibility Act, 2007.

The presentation of the MTEF and FSP is a prelude to the presentation of the 2024 budget by the President in the coming weeks.

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The House of Representatives will consider and adopt the report on the Legislative Agenda, all things being equal. Recall that the Julius Ihonvbere-led Ad-hoc Committee on the Legislative Agenda, submitted the report to the House last week.

Also, up for consideration is the report on the Amended Standing Orders of the House just as it will look at strengthening the Public Complaints Commission.

The shelved Population and Housing 2023 Census by the National Population Commission will be one of the issues that will come up in the Green Chamber as it seeks to investigate funds spent ahead of the now postponed exercise.

It will also be looking to beam its searchlight on the activities of the Bureau for Public Enterprise in the privatization and commercialization of public enterprises since 2019, and also wrap up its investigation on the rising value of unclaimed dividends, unremitted withholding tax, and the effects on the country’s economy.

Similarly, the non-implementation of the International Cargo Tracking Notes by the Nigeria Shipping Council; the activities, status of properties, and the quality of trains of the Nigerian Railway Corporation as well as the illegal mining in the solid minerals sector will come under scrutiny in the House.

The lawmakers will also debate a bill seeking to establish the Nigerian Content (non-oil and Gas Sector) Development Council and to provide for programme, and structure for the use of Nigerian expertise made in Nigeria goods and services and economic diversification.

Relatedly, it will debate the amendment to the Federal Universities of Agriculture Act and the Interpretation Act.

In the week, the House will also look to commence appraisal of the condition of federal roads and address the issues of flood and erosion in some parts of the country, and any other matter(s) that may come under “matters of urgent public importance.”




Kauthar Khaleel

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